Developer: Bitmap Galaxy
Publisher: Blowfish Studio
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Ps4 Pro
Release Date: 29/10/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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You take control of Yui a girl that is just living life and her town is throwing a festival of light. Everything seems normal until low and behold the Shadows come out of the Shadows? Destroys the town and takes most of the population. It is then some years in to this desolate future Yui sets off to save everyone.

YesterMorrow is not to big on the old storytelling, it sets up a decent enough story but it is nothing new and is very forgettable. Not helped by the fact we can skip the story. It’s a good thing that Bitmap Galaxy made sure the game play elements where at least decent.


Yestermorrow’s gameplay is straight forward platforming. It will see you making pixel perfect jumps, solving puzzles, and beating bosses. All by the books, mostly. The game has an interesting time travel mechanic that will change the level layout when you go back in time. Using the Everlight Yui can at portals go back from her teen self to her child self and explore parts of the level and solve some puzzles to proceed as her teen self.

There are a few things of note in Yestermorrow. even with the tight controls and the well balanced platforming there are still a few issues here. The main one being how bloody hard some platforming elements can get. There you are jumping about Yui is doing her thing then boom she will fall to her death at trivial jump, more so ropes and climbing jumps. it is so frustrating that some jumps are so tricky; they are all doable, but there is no warning s@#t is about to get real.

Next thing to note is the element of exploration and discovery is taken away from the player. With time travel only accessible with portals, the player will know they will have to time warp to be able to proceed. It would have been good to be able to jump at will and discover where and how to get past the puzzle.

Yui is not the most formidable of fighters, with her lack luster abilities to use against the shadows. While traversing the beautiful pixel art land, there will be shadow controlled animals that want to kill you. Yui will need to remove the shadow from the animal, then attack again to kill it. All clear…WRONG, the animal will still be there trying to kill Yui but just not shadowed. I found ignoring and passing them the best course of action.


YesterMorrow could have been something really special, with the time traveling back and forth. I just felt the mechanic was not utilised and was too safe. The entire game is by the books and safe, mostly. With random difficulty spikes. It’s a shame I really enjoyed most of this game too.

This does not mean it is bad, but there is better out there.


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