Developer: Alientrap
PublisherWhitethorn Digital
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 09/11/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Wytchwood a crafting game with a difference. There is a story to the relaxing game play that does not really spark the imagination like a witch casting spells should do.

The story is a simple over done trope. You play as an old witch with a kettle on her head, is awoken by a Goat. To her surprise, the Goat can talk and tell her he is here to collect on the deal they made. However, the witch remembers nothing of this deal. To make things worse, the Goat has eaten all the spells from her spell book. Leaving this witch with nothing but a healing potion spell and a debt to pay that she knows nothing about.

In order to pay back this debt to the Goat (that is implied to be Satan) the witch needs to capture the souls of twelve different animals. Each happen to be causing trouble in their own little part of the world. If she fails at the task, there will be consequences.
As more and more of the animals’ souls are trapped, more biomes open, and the story is expanded. The story is cooky, weird and sometimes funny. It uses the situations the witch finds herself in to good use for comedy. The writing is light-hearted and something you would expect from Grimm Fairy Tails. 

The story was not too bad, but getting there was the problem.

Hubble Bubble Toil And Trouble

As the witch travels around the biomes, she will start to remember different spells to create different items. Normally done by talking to the weird and wonderful NPCs with the game. 

As crafting games have been coming out faster than a newt trying to escape, Wytchwood casts a nice little changing spell on proceedings. The key components are there, pick up sticks and flint, to make an axe, use the axe to cut down a tree, use wood to make a trap lastly trap is sprung, and the animal explodes, leaving behind wings. You know the usual!

As we are playing as a witch, then it allows for the ingredient to be a little different and weird. And just like a witch would use. Eye of newt, wing, fairy dust, and so on. It makes for a pleasant change from the usual crafting games.

Wytchwood has a lot of fetch quests and running back and forth. This can be very monotonous at times. The witch has just opened up a new biome, but spends 30 mins in the old ones to collect ingredients for old items to make a new one. I did, mostly, over collect items, but sometimes I did not and back tracking was a pain.

Fairy Tail

Wytchwood is, in a word, ‘Beautiful.’ Its 2D exaggerated cartoon look is so darn cute. Not to mention the stunning pallet choices. In the Forest, it is a mix of deep and light oranges, washed out greens, with deep greens mixed in. To the Swamp with its browns, dark greens, then the contrast of the black leeches and red flying insects. These colours make for a beautiful and varied world. That is both cute and haunting at the same time. 


Wytchwood is a very relaxed and casual experience, leaving a lot of time to soak in the world and get invested in the game. There are some dangers to look out for, but that is just to add an extra layer to the game.
On the whole, Wytchwood is a relaxing, beautiful crafting game. With a decent story hiding under a tonne of back tracking and gathering quests. 

I enjoyed my time with Wytchwood, and if you are looking for crafting game with a bit of magic, this could be for you.


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