Developer: Alterego Games
Publisher: Alterego Games
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 15/11/219
Price: £17.99/$19.99
Reviewed By: ChickenPrem
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[ Introduction ]

In a Utopian world made entirely of yarn, Stuffy’s peace is disturbed when strange metal machines begin probing the land. The adorable stuffed animal sets out to find out the reason for the planetary intrusion, but not alone. Glitch, a small flying bot, befriends and works with Stuffy to interact with the machines. Together they are destined to venture across the land to help one another out in order to discover the true history and future of their existences.

Woven forest

[ Gameplay ]

Woven is mainly an adventure discovery games that allows the player to walk around and at times, solve very simple puzzles. I would most relate it to Rime, in regard to gameplay, but just more appealing and at the level for a younger audience. It seems like there is a big open world to explore, but really the game is rather linear with one puzzle to solve before you can on to the next area.

The unique aspect here is that you need to find machines that offer Stuffy an easy brief rhythm challenge in order to unlock a new animal blueprint to play as. Once you have multiple stuffed animal designs, you can customise/mix and match the limbs and heads because each animal limb has different skills that allow you to progress in your quest. For example, the rabbit legs will allow Stuffy to jump short gaps.

The game is story-driven, and the gameplay/puzzles really take a back seat to the plot. There are nearly 100 different patterns to collect that can change Stuffy’s appearance. Very few patterns are necessary to complete the game, so they are mainly just a side collectable and really useless visual perk.

I found the controls to be a big clunky, but worse than that was navigating the environment. There are flower all over the ground that look nice, but Stuffy cannot walk through them, so they are essentially invisible walls you have to always be walking around. Woven would definitely appeal more to children, but I believe it falls on the dull side for the adult audience.

Woven tree

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

At a distance, the world appears to be vibrant and lush, but when up close in each area, the surroundings felt a bit too baron for me. The colourful yarn world is displayed very well in each area just there is less to do in the world than expected. You are in for a real visual buffet when you discover the hidden caves, though.

I did not have any performance issues.

Woven world

[ Sound ]

The narration takes the cake for this title. The narrator did a phenomenal Christopher Lee like job at telling the tale while playing. On top of the performance, the lines actually RHYME the entire TIME (yeah I am a bit of a wordsmith too) like a Dr Seuss book.

The music is fairly whimsically appropriate for the yarn land, but nothing too impressive to make note of.

Woven patches

[ Conclusion ]

It is a shame that Kirby’s Epic Yarn or Yoshi’s Woolly World are not on the Nintendo Switch because then it would have been a simple solution to recommend either of those over this title. I know they are not the same style, but the whole visual yarn aesthetic and all makes me relate the three games. Woven is not a poor game at all, but it is overly simplistic too. If the game strikes you as an interesting casual adventure, then I would recommend keeping it on your wishlist until at least 50% off sale from the original $19.99 price.


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