Developer: IzanagiGames
Publisher: NIS America
Platforms: Switch, Pc, mobile
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 28/05/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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From the crazy minds of Kotaro Uchikoshi, Takumi Nakazawa, and had Kazutaka Kodaka. Better know for Danganronpa, comes there latest game, a more family friendly affair World’s End Club.

The story of World’s End Clubs revolves around the Go-Getters Club, a mix bunch of kids going on a field trip, that is interrupted by a meteor hitting Tokyo. The club then wakes up in an underwater theme park, where Pielope challenges the club to a ‘Game of Fate’ (does this sound familiar?). However, this is only a short-lived section of the game.

Once the club escapes they find they are now in Kagoshima, 764 miles away from Tokyo. Here is where the story takes off. It will see the Go-Getters arguing, infighting, going off in different groups to different parts of Japan. This lends to the story, but also raises how are these kid’s friends, none of them seem to have anything in common, this is shown with the infighting.

You play as the newest member of the GO-Getters Club Reycho, who is caught in the middle of everything. Poor Raycho. Between the sudo-platforming sections there is plenty of story development and character development. Character development comes in the camping areas that allow Raycho to talk to the members of the club and find out more about each of them.

The story is deep enough to keep a player interested until the endings. However, I not sure fans of Danganronpa, will be as entertained by the much lighter tones.


World’s End Club’s gameplay comes in the way of simple platforming and boss fights. Mainly the platforming levels are to highlight how one character’s awakening powers work. As true Danganronpa style weird things happen along the way, and each of the Go-Getters Club gets a super power to help them along the way. For example, Raycho has a super throwing power.

Each time a character Awakens, you will play as them in a very simple platforming section. This is the low point of World’s End Club, the platforming sections are simple run from left to right, do a few simple jump puzzles and beat a few bad guys. Now I understand this as it is made for ease of access for all players. It has simple controls, mainly one button. However, the amount of thought put in to these areas makes it seem pointless having them. They had an idea, but nothing was fully expanded and each level looked different but played the same.

As you go though World’s End club Raycho will need to make a choice who he will side with, these choices will show the story from one group and as you meetup again there are hints of what happened to the other group you did not go with. However, do not worry once the story ends you will can travel back down the timeline and play the parts you did not the first time around. And who knows might even get a different ending.

Luckily, each character is unique, and the game looks beautiful. I like the anime style bright eye-catching characters next to a ruined Japan. On top of this, the voice acting is very good with all dialog voiced.

Overall World’s End Club had the basis of something that could have been amazing. With a story covering loss, pain, friendship, and team work. Unfortunately missed the mark with the lack luster/uninspired platforming sections. The story was far more light-hearted with yet another great cast of wacky characters. I just wished there was more variety to the platforming/gaming sections.

I did enjoy World’s End Club’s story the platforming was meh. Just remember this is not Danganronpa.


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  1. Viliv

    I liked this game but I think I will not buy it, I have very similar feelings as review author. I think it is more interesting to watch some stream.

    1. Keith Lavelle

      Yeah its visually stunning and deffinatly nice to watch.

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