Developer: Team WoodSalt
PublisherTeam WoodSalt
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 13/10/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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You play as Emcy, who has just woken up on Nu-Terra 1000 years after leaving Earth after a natural disasters’ and monster’s attack and destroyed it. However, Emcy has been awoken for a reason no one wants to talk about and after so long. It is more unsettling that people awoken from status have a specific job or reason to be woken up whereas Emcy for all accounts is well normal the younger sister is not his older sister.

While staying at his sisters (seemingly one-bedroom flat) Emcy has to go out and explore Nu-Terra, and he uncovers that not everyone is happy with the current plans of the ruling body to return to Earth. Along with his awakening, visions of death and other weird stuff haunt Emcy.

The opening segments of WoodSalt are interesting and pull you in. Then it goes slowly down hill.


WoodSalt is termed a JRPG by the developers. I failed to see this. I would class it as more of a Visual Novel with a world you explore. As you will take control of Emcy and talk to most of the citizens of Nu-Terra, well the important ones anyway. Where you will have to respond and you are more of a passenger in the conversation than anything.

After the initial key story events you are free to roam Nu-Terra, this is both a blessing and a curse. The world feels way too big and empty. You will walk about, meet characters, talk to a few that have the same line over and over, then come in to contact with a ghostly-looking character. Interacting with the figure will start a visual novel style side story, then Emcy goes to bed and so on. This is the gameplay loop. There are a number of ending that will be unlocked depending on what ghostly figures you interact with, however, no indication how these will affect the ending.

Graphically the game is charming but like the gameplay lack anything special. The less I say about the music, the better.

WoodSalt had a great premise and good world building but loses it after the first day. After this it felt like you were just along for the ride and the ride was fairly boring in all honestly. It could have been so much better as a basic Visual Novel.

I cannot recommend this game.


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