Developer: KiwiWalks
PublisherININ Games
Platforms: Switch, Mobile
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 13/08/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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WitchSpring3 you play as the witch Eirudy, as she lives in the Misty Woods alone with her Gran and Dolls. Eirudy has a life stone that can give life to the Dolls. All she wants is someone to talk to, and she is trying to make this happen with the Dolls. One day, it turned her life upside down as he meets an Adventurer who she saves. This chance encounter will change her life forever.

Even with the story being simple, I found myself sort of wanting to know more and see what will happen. There is nothing at all captivating about the story. I think it’s how it is presented. While talking to characters, Eirudy will have her own thoughts about what’s happening. Mixed in with her soft-spoken voice, it was lovely to hear.


Gameplay is fairly simple also, if not convoluted at the start with some fairly poor tutorials. The battle system in WitchSpring3 is interesting, you can summon one Doll per turn up to three Dolls. These Dolls can heal, buff or attack each turn. making picking the right Doll paramount to winning. Most of the Dolls are inactive to start with and Eirudy will need to awaken them with the life stone once she has enough essence. This is done by defeating the enemies you encounter. 

As you progress, the life stone can be improved, leading to collecting more essence and awakening stronger Dolls. We can improve each of the Dolls in the same way they are awakened. Strengthening them.

Eirudy, like all good witches, has access to magic that she needs to create. There are three elements Fire, Ice, Lighting. These magics can get a support buff improving them or lowing MP costs and so on. As with magic, Eirudy can create items in her cauldron. These can be healing items, or stat boots (crazy, easy to make). Making trips home a must. Luckily, she can teleport home at any time. 

As Eirudy completes missions, side quests and explores time moves forward and each ‘day’ Eirudy can go home and train. This takes five days, but there are eight elements that you can train in. Favouring sword attacks, train attacks and crits, more magic based train in more MP and powerful magic. As well as unlocking new items and magic to create. This allows for a good mix of abilities and simple class building. 

The only real problem I have is that it is a port of a mobile game, and the only upgrades are audio and visuals. It is a good mobile game, but I feel for a straight port it is a little on the costly side.

Overall, WitchSpring3 [Re:Fine] – The Story of Eirudy is a good game that will keep you entrained for a while. There is plenty on offer but it is too pricy for what it is.

Wait for a big sale as it is a mobile port.


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