Developer: fahmitsu/Rolling Glory Jam
Publisher: Flynns Arcade
Platforms: Switch
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 01/04/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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What Comes After is a 2D side scrolling experience like none I have played before. You play as Vivi, who feels she is a burden to others, who falls asleep on the last train home after a few drinks. Only to awake later on that night surrounded by the dead, that are being taken to the other side on the same train. Vivi has to wait on the train until it drops off the ghosts and returns to the actual world.

I will not lie I love this game well and truly and with video games being an ever-growing medium there should be more ways to reach people suffering from mental health problems or physical and give them a boost. Not only that, be help others to understand these problems. Fractured Mind is another game that comes to mind on this front. Being a massive advocate of mental health I tip my hat to the developers for this, well done!


What Comes After is a simple game where you walk though the train and talk to almost every passenger, from people, trees, plants and animals. Each with a story to tell and something that will get you thinking. There are a few characters that Vivi will encounter that will really make the player relate to and think. Hoping to change their overall thoughs about themselves.

You need to play What Comes After to experience the emotions and the tones as if I was to explain it all, I would ruin the games impact.

What Comes After is a short emotional game that resonated with me. It also made me think about others and how their lives and experience and outlooks could be helpful for someone who has mental health problems.

I 100% recommend this for everyone, for help to lift you up or for more understanding for mental health.


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