Developer: WolfEye Studio
PublisherDevolver Digital
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 31/03/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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In the Weird West nothing is as it seems, from the gangs trying to make a move to take over towns to werewolves and zombies.

You are a retired bounty hunter who is living her life quietly with your son and husband. One day someone visits, kills your son in cold blood and kidnaps your husband. It’s time to pick up your Irons (six shooters) and become the bounty hunter you tried to leave behind, to save your husband and get revenge for your son.

Not long after your journey of revenge starts, you hear rumours that the band that took your man are cannibals and they are trying to summon something ancient evil. You also quickly learn that the Wild West is not all it seems, with the undead reanimating and other evils prowling.
The major story lines are fantastic and have me hooked from the offset. The stories are fantasy horror at its finest, with some dark humour thrown in there for good measure. 

weird west game

Did I take five shots or six?

Weird West is at its core a twin stick RPG shooter, where you control a main character while you punch holes in your enemy, both living and dead. These fights are great when they are small and quick affairs. They feel fantastic to play and are very enjoyable. The problem comes when it’s a bigger drawn out fight, as enemies will constantly try to flank you and the AI posse, is well not so useful. With you having to keep moving back to not get over run.

There is a cover system that is a simple crouch, then shoot over low cover. This is a problem with the camera angle, as it is more often than not hard to tell the height of the cover and it is not uncommon to shoot a wall rather than a bandit. Double annoying at the start of the game as bullets are limited.

I preferred a more stealth based approach, take my time taking out anyone silly enough to stand about for too long. As well as use the environment to take out unaware enemy. This, however, is not something that is encouraged as you will end up in a bloodbath with bodies everywhere.


To power yourself up and learn new abilities to take in to battle, you will need to find Nimp Relics. Nimp Relics will glow purple and will normally be hidden in the environment. These Relics allow the player to learn abilities like; Fan The Hammer, allowing for six rapid shots, allowing for some big damage. There are characters’ specific abilities that change how each character plays.

There are also Golden Playing Cards that will upgrade stats like health.


The best part of Weird West is that every action has consequences. If you help a citizen, they might help you later on, or save a bandit, he will pay you back at some point. It also works the other way around, kill a gang leader and one of the gang escapes they will have a vendetta against you. And they can attack you at any point.

Decisions also go to the over world and your group. If you go in and kill a full town of people, the town will be empty and the graveyard will be full. But the undead might occupy the town now, making life harder. Do too many bad things and posse members might leave your group or even try to kill you.

This is nothing new, but it is well done and makes playing Weird West far more enjoyable than just a normal run-of-the-mill twin stick shooter.

Overall, Weird West has a good main story, and the consequences of decisions are impactful. It is just a massive shame that the gun play is not amazing and lets the game down. Hopefully, there is a way to improve the combat systems, as Weird West would be amazing if this is fixed.


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