Developer: Third Sphere Game Studios
Publisher: Third Sphere Game Studios
Platforms: Switch, PC, Mobile
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 24/04/2022
Price: £19.99/$19,99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Every now and then, we all like to get punished while playing games. Hence the rise of the Dark Souls and its many copy cats. And of course When I see one I have to play it so I can cry a little more and ask myself why did I do this? Here we have one such game, but is it worth your time or such this one burn in the fires of hell?

You are a nameless Knight that has been tasked with saving Purgatory from the hoards of the undead and their leaders, The Watchers. 

watcher chronicles game

2D Hell

Like the story, gameplay is simple to pick up but may god you will die. Do not let the colourful cartoon art style fool you. Watchers Chronicles is bloody hard. This is a 2D soul-like metroidvania. It’s simple to pick up and play. That’s a plus. 

Like you would expect from a souls styled game, the enemies hit hard and you are very squishy. Combat is a combination of hit and run and dodge rolls. Stamina is present and used for attack and dodging; making management of it vital to survive. 

As you take down the hoards of the cute undead, just like most souls-like, you get a currency that’s used for leveling up and buying items. Also, believe it or not, if you die (and you will) it is dropped and you have one chance to get them back. 

One thing I liked about Watcher Chronicles is you can play any class. All you need to do is to equip the relevant weapon, sword and shield for all rounder, two-handed sword and everything else. This gives a great feeling of versatility. Making sure you can handle any situation. 

The Dead Are Not The Only Problem 

The biggest problem I found with Watcher Chronicles is the lack of a map. Meaning the sometimes convoluted routes needed to get places became more of a chore to traverse. This lack of a map made getting back to where I died more difficult than it already was. *Edit* There is a map in the fourth tab in the players menu. Thank you to Third Sphere for the correction.

The other slight problem was the auto pick up of potions. Sounds great right, well it causes more problems than solves. Even when you are full of potions, you still pick them up. There were way too many times I could have backtracked for a quick heal. 

Overall, Watcher Chronicles is in all parts a 2D Dark Souls. Except super cute and cartoonie. It is as you would expect, hard as nails. A few really annoying is still a good game if you want more punishment. 

I would recommend Watcher Chronicles to any souls fan.  


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