Developer: Ubisoft Toronto
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC (plus next gen)
Reviewed On: Ps4 Pro
Release Date: 29/10/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Set in the not so distant dystopian future London is under the control of Albion the new power in charge of keeping the people safe. Albion have full power to serve and protect how they see fit. This was after the mysterious hacker known as Zero Day framed DedSec for blowing up four areas of London. Almost destroyed, it is up to you to rebuild DedSec and raise an army for the resistance.

The story of Watch Dogs Legion is ok as far as an overall arc, nothing mind blowing for the most part. Where the game shines in story are the recruitment mission. Each one is different and makes London’s NPCs feel almost real, giving each their own reason to join the resistance and a backstory. There has been a lot of work put in to the NPCs.

watch dog legion hacker

Watch Dogs Legion has a lot going on, here we will skim over most as there is a lot.

Getting About Town

London has been taken over by mainly automated transportation. This is an obviously a design choice for the case of hacking. Some vehicles have drivers, but to avoid the law it’s better to take a parked or auto driven car. Did I mention drone travel is possible?


It’s fair to say the whole of London needs to get a VPN installed as pretty much everything can be hacked, even people’s profiles. It all makes sense now, FB is in charge of security. Hacking can be used to distract guards, unlock doors, hijack drones, move vehicles. Even with you being able to hack everything, guards are able to hack and boot your control.

On top of the smart phone hacking device, there is DecSec AI Banksy, who can also hack anything, tell you where everything is in London and also is the best character in the game. He has the best lines and comical quips of all NPCs.


Any decent hacker needs gadgets and resistance member as well as guns. Well, here there is plenty to unlock and upgrade, from spider drones, to a non-lethal landmines. To being able to hack a turret and turn it on the guards. Weapons there are four DedSec non-lethal weapons that strangely take lethal ammo….go figure. Some resistance members can use live ammo guns a hitman for example.


The big focus is the recruitment side of the game, as almost anyone you see in London can be recruited. These normally brake down to talking to an highlighted NPC, helping them with a task then going back to them and boom new member. The tasks could be to receive a document for an enemy strong hold, or steal a car and so on. They feel varied for the first ten or so, they come a laborious task. At least each NPC has their own backstory and reason to join the Resistance.

Skills Matter

Each NPC has a speciality, form someone who can get arrested members out of jail quicker, or quicker hacking and so on. I believe 40 is the max members. So picking people who you need skills wise is the way to go. Leave room for the more skilled characters


There is plenty of this being intentional or not. It almost seems that Watch Dog Legion, want the player to sneak about in dangerous areas and use the hacking to get about, this like a lot the game gets boring after a while. So the option to go in guns blazing and stunning everyone as you go pick up some data from a server makes the game so much more fun. Also in London it’s self there are lots of oppressed citizens that are being arrested for nothing, so go save them or not up to you.

watch dog legion profile

Watch Dog Legion is not all good and fun. As you can tell it will get repetitive after a while, this is just what mainly happens in these open world games. This is not a massive disappointment and is easy to look past. The one part of the game that grated on my nerves was the voice acting. Everyone in London seems to be an aspiring dyslectic gang member. It is almost all slang that sounds bloody daft. They have Stomzy as a character actor….so this could have something to do with it. It was so annoying.

Overall, after Watch Dogs more rocky first two games Legion seems to have give the games a new lease of life. Hopefully Ubisoft will build on this and make more changes and refinements to what is now an excellent game (at last). Is it amazing no, the repetitive nature brings it down but over all its vastly superior to the other two outing.