Developer: Nippon Ichi Software
Publisher: NIS America
Platforms: PS4, Switch
Reviewed On: PS4
Release Date: 14/07/2020
Price: £19.99/£24.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Void Terrarium starts at the end of humanity. You play as Robbie a robot that stumbles upon the last human Toriko on the brink of death. IT is up to Robbie and the FactoryAI to keep Toriko alive, in a Tamagotchi/ roguelike dungeon crawler experience.

They split the game in to two unique elements as stated above. Dungeon crawling element first, this is your stereotypical isometric top down dungeon crawler. You take Robbie in to these randomly generated dungeons and fight through each map to get to the next one until the item(s) that are needed are found. Seems fairly simple…on paper it is, however, Void Terrarium wants to make it as difficult as possible to complete the dungeons.

With each step Robbie takes his power level will drop along with every hit he takes once it hit zero he is sent back to the hub to start again. Battery packs can be found throughout the levels (if you are lucky), even if they are sparse, it will give a brief reprieve from the unavoidable demise Robbie will face. Once back to the hub All level and Items are lost, so off we go again for another run hoping that we can find the item we need or more so batteries. When leveling up you will be given the choice of upgrades, these are random and could be attack power upgrade or a new attack. These upgrades do make a difference, but not enough to curb the difficulty.

I have played a lot of Rougelites and Rouguelikes and Void Terrarium is one unforgiving mistress that wants you to fail. Low storage space for items, even fewer battery drops, weapons….haha lucky you if you get one. With this said, I went back for more constantly; I feel this is to do with the next part of the gameplay.

void-terrarium dungeon

The Tamagotchi style management system for Toriko, this appealed to the big kid in me taking me back to the days of looking after my Tamagotchi pet. With the Pet Nanny display sealing the deal on the nostalgia. While not in the evil dungeons, there is the hub where you have to collect items to make Toriko life as comfortable as possible. From feeding her, treating illness, and so on. There are also items to decorate the Terrarium. The game also throws in light crafting elements and sim like item use.

Even with the countless deaths and restarts, I kept going back for Toriko, as she needed looked after. I felt like I had to grind out items to keep her alive. There is something special going on when the game keeps you going back for more punishment as well as make you care for an NPC.

void-terrarium robbie

Overall Void Terrarium is a punishing unfair Rougelike, that makes toy come back for more as you will feel the need to look after Toriko. Just be warned you will die ALOT.