Developer: Big Bad Wolf Studio
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 02/06/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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There are a few video game IPs/tabletop games I must play or I am desperate for a sequel. However, Vampire The Masquerade is one such title that left me hungry for more. With the hopefully soonish follow up coming, Nacon has filled the gaps with narrative based adventures. And here is another one with Swansong.

They set the story Vampire The Masquerade Swansong in an alternative Boston in the World of Darkness. The Prince of Boston Hazel Inversen and the Tremere Chantry of Hartford were amid negotiations when they were attacked. Many High value targets were killed, and The Prince wants to know who did it.

Enter our three vampire protagonists, Galeb the assassin, Emem the nightclub owner and Leysha, who is gifted with premonitions. Each of these characters has their own objective that regularly overlap, and abilities that will help them with their missions.


Battle Of The Mouth

Vampire The Masquerade was a deep and wonderful RPG with plenty of talking and combat. With Swansong we get talking, lots of talking. Here we have a third person narrative adventure, with no actual combat – plenty walking about to be had.

However, we still have a quasi-battle system as, you guessed it, talking! When talking to characters in the world, there will be information that needs to be extracted, in-order to get it, you will need to play a game of wits to out talk your opponent and use vampiric abilities to get what you want. 

As you would expect in a narrative type adventure, depending on the stats you have as well as how much vampiric energy you have will have a major role in not only the conversation but the story’s outcome. This leads to replay value, as there are different classes to choose from each, with their own strengths and weakness.

A Few Bad Drops

On the whole, Vampire The Masquerade Swansong is a great narrative adventure with loads of interesting conversations and interactions, but it slips up in a few areas.

The initial problem I had with the game, was some of the character models’ animations seems a bit weird. I first noticed this when one female walked away. She looked like there was a literal bush up her arse. Her legs were just too far apart and it looks weird.

The next point is the game assumes you have an understanding of the back story leading up to the events. As it does not really help you with this.

Last, the game on the whole is boring. You walk about, talk, follow smells, search rooms and so on. This, for me, was a massive let down, after a good narrative direction.

Overall, Vampire The Masquerade Swansong is another game in a line of games that no doubt you will need to have played for Bloodlines 2. I would have just preferred a visual novel styled game. 

Vampire The Masquerade Swansong, could be vital for Bloodlines 2 (I don’t know) but right now unless a massive fan wait on a sale.


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