Developer: Smartly Dressed Games
Publisher: 505 Games
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 12/11/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

What happens when Day-Z, Roblox have a baby? You get UNTURNED. This is a sand box survival game. Pick your character, pick your map and have at it. With this being a survival game, there is no over arcing story.

The game is a simple concept, you pick your survivor from each with their own ‘Perks’ pick a map then start. It will spawn you in on a random point on the map. Now you must forage and raid buildings for food, water, weapons, ammo and amour to survive.


On paper this sounds amazing, I was well up for this. I am not a fan of-the-art style but love survival games. So started up my game in single player as I couldn’t find a multiplayer game when I tried, and no one I know has this game. So there was that. Next I am in the game and went over to the first town, was sneaking about and you can hear the “UURRGGH!” of the zombies. Nice bit of atmosphere in this poor-looking town (graphically). Got in to a building was opening all the cupboards founds some chips, went to pick it up i couldn’t no matter the angle I was at. Next one picked up some chips, not a problem. So went back to the first ones still couldn’t get them. This happened A LOT! I could not pick up items or Items where stuck in the middle of shelves or doors.

Carried on playing and found myself a gun, a rifle of some kind, went in to a shop, killed two zombies, looted what I could. While doing so, I could hear other zombies moving and making noise but could not see any until I was leaving. All the zombies were standing at a window. so I took them all out, so no bullets left in my gun. I had found a baseball bat, went across to another shop, and there was a zombie behind a desk. I swung the bat and missed as I was too far away. But I discovered the games AL is horrid. They run at you in straight lines. The zombie only moved up and down the desk when I did, Oh! It did not attack but I could hit it not a problem. Did it again this time, ran in to a door and moved around to the window again to the window.

UNTURNED did have some decent point to it. There was the level up system, for every zombie killed there was experience gained. With this experience you could level up the survivor in attack, defence and survival. Each fairly simple attack how much damage you can do, defence how much health and so on. Survival how long/easier it is to survive. Each level starts at 10 experience point and increases inclemently over however many levels. Except for the ‘perks’ the survivor has, these are lowered by five. Making your character choice has a bit of meaning, I guess.

There was two things I liked about UNTURNED and that was the amount of weapons there were, from knifes to experimental plasma rifles and everything else in between. With each of these guns there were customisable skins for the guns, that use in game currency to purchase. The other thing was the survival element it was simple but added an extra layer of gameplay. The player needs to keep food and drink up, as this will increase the speed of health regeneration and radiation down, so not entering ‘Dead Zones’ highly radiated areas or get hit by zombies. If you did, then the player will need to find a cure to get that meter back up. With food, water and cures limited along with ammo, there is the risk reward system in place.


I really wanted to like this one, but I just could not. It looked cheap, full of bugs and a whole AI overhaul. I was more frustrated than anything with this game. It has potential however in its current state I cannot recommend it. Maybe with others it would be a better experience? OR a good old bug hunt and patch the game.