Developer: Thorium
PublisherThorium Entertainment
Platforms: Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 11/02/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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UnderMine is an out-and-out rouge-like with a few differences. And Oh My! It is fun to play.

Like all other games in the genera, UnderMine has a story, albeit a short and vague in the beginning. You play as a peasant who is tasked by the Archimage Arkanos to delve in to the bowls of the UnderMine. Why? I hear you mutter.. Short answer reasons. As you venture down the ever changing levels of the UnderMine, you will meet characters that will drip bits of information on the world and the mine and so on. Making you work for that lore.

And let’s be honest, we do not play rouge-likes to hear a story we are here to die and die and die and progress to die again as we go.


Lets get to the good stuff. The gameplay.!!

UnderMine is what it is a rouge-like, you start off on the top floor and work your way down as far as possible until you die. Before you start, yes, you will die A LOT. As you enter the run, the dungeon (UnderMine) is procedurally generated with many things trying to kill you. And a few items that will hopefully help you kill everything you see while collecting all you can.

That is it the main gameplay loop. Guess we will leave it there?

OK! So what it is that makes UnderMine stand out from the rest? We collect GOLD!!! Oh yeah! Most of the rooms you will enter will contain gold to collect that shines oh so pretty in the walls or rocks. Everything is dead (hopefully) and you hit the gold with your axe out spills nuggets everywhere. Be warned, there are weird blobs of slim out to steal the gold called pilfers. If you are not fast these annoying wee buggers will take your shiny shiny.

So you collected thousands of gold then you die, pointless right? Nope, as you will not lose all the gold you have looted. Your peasant is dead, but the gold remains. Here you ill spend the remaining gold on upgrades both permanent and randomly generated upgrades. Making death not as bad of a thing as loosing everything and added an extra layer to make the player go back to to the UnderMine.


I just going to say it UnderMine is one of the best rouge-like dungeon crawlers out there. Everything works, everything feels right, and deaths are the players’ fault, not the game being cheap. Only thing letting the game down is not everyone likes rouge-likes.

If you do like dying repeatedly, you have to buy it.


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