Developer: UNICO INC.
Publisher: UNICO INC.
Platforms: Switch
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 26/05/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Twin Blades of the Three Kingdoms is based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Following Xu Shu has he receives his magical sword and runs through the Yellow Turban Rebellion to the battle of Red Cliffs.

The Romance of the Three Kingdoms is one of the classical novels from Chinese literature. Twin Blades of the Three Kingdoms does a good job of covering the story with its own retro-styled RPG twist.

Twin Blades of the Three Kingdoms game

Simple But Addictive

Twin Blades of the Three Kingdoms is so simple to play, it added to the fun as the story keeps ticking over with no major down time. With a beautiful 16-bit styling.

You will start most story elements in a town, where you will advance the story and get a destination to go on the world map. Each town has a few houses, an inn, blacksmith and shop. Wander around the village talking to the NPCs. Until you run in to the story characters.

Story characters each have their own name styled portrait. And will advance the story. Each story encounter will more than likely add a new party member to use in battles. With 120 Generals in total. So plenty of choice. 

Outside of the town, your part will need to have a camp, town or cave etc to reach to continue the story. While wandering around, there will be plenty of random encounters to fight through. Again, the battle system is simple but strangely addictive.

Let’s Fight

Battles take place on a simple squared grid. Where your party of up to five general will be on the left and on the right the enemy. Beat the enemy, win the encounter and gain exp and gold. Where it the battle system differs from other types of turn-based RPGs, is the player has limited control over the party. Bear with me here!

When it’s a party member, turn, there are four commands: Attack, Back, Skill, Items. Item and Skill are self explanatory. Attack and Back work slightly differently. When selecting an attack you will select an enemy to attack and the character will auto move to them. Until close enough to attack, then change to attack. Whereas Back, will move the character back to their previous position.

Some Tactics Are Needed

This system strangely is fun and has some skill needed to stop a part wipe. Unless attacking or using a skill, each party member needs to move.

Depending on the weapon the General has equipped will change how they attack along with move. One General can move six squares, that great for gap closing and mopping up enemies. But are vulnerable as they will be alone for at least two moves. This is where back becomes vital. 

There is a rock paper scissors system regarding weapons in play where one weapon type is stronger than another. This needs to be taken in to account when attack. 

With that said, it is a simple pick up and play system that allows the story to be told and the player to engage in the battles, without getting bogged down.

Overall, Twin Blades of the Three Kingdoms is a great wee game, that is simple enough to keep the flow of the game moving at a good pace. But has enough in place to make sure the player is not bored and wants to give up playing.

Twin Blades of the Three Kingdoms is a game worth keeping an eye on.


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