Developer: Stormling Studios
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 08/12/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Transient Extended Edition puts you in the role of Randolph Carter. As he is forced to ensure different realities in order to solve a slue of murders with his PHI, augment. That allows him to submerge himself into an online subversive world, while allowing him to scanning for clues within these worlds.

Carter lives way in the future, where the earth is uninhabitable and the last bastion of civilization is now a convoluted mix of both reality and virtual reality. Carter has stolen something, with his expert team of hackers that has him questioning everything he believes in.

Carter is an overly advanced junkie that uses different substances to enter deeper into the virtual world. Leading him to discover some real conspiracy theory level stuff. The story is just strange from the outset. And devolves into overly convoluted sub plots with multiple endings that leave more questions than answers.

Transient Extended Edition game

A Little Bit Of LoveCraft

Transient Extended edition is a walking sim that leans heavily into puzzles, story and one hell on an LSD trip. What would you expect with Lovecraft influencing the story? There are some mentions of elder gods within the narrative, or at least hints to them.

The devs say that Transient Extended Edition as a horror style game. Even with the game capturing the essence of a Lovecraftian styled story, it misses the feeling of the unfathomable and the seer horror that the Elder Gods are.

Games Within A Game

By far the best aspect of Transient Extended Edition are the mini games that need to be completed in order to get clues. These add a bit of much needed variety to a walking simulator. There are a few of these to get through. With one being like Resident Evil on the PS1.

It Looks Good

For being on the Switch Transient Extended Edition, the surface looks really nice. That is until you look closer, the textures are very muddy and any writing is also washed out and hard to read, unfortunately. Along with a lot of loading between areas that slow down the flow of the game.

Overall, Transient Extended edition does a good job of setting atmosphere, but when it comes to the horror of H.P Lovecraft, it does not quite hit the mark. However, the mini games give a much needed change of pace.

Transient Extended edition has multiple endings giving a reason to go back to it and make different choices. It is one to keep on your radar if you like horror walking sims. If you are looking for genuine horror, you might want to hold off.


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