Developer: Live Motion Games
Publisher: Forever Entertainment
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 06/05/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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I am just going to come out and say this Train Station Renovation should not be as bloody good as it is to play.

The story is simple; you run a Train Station Renovation company and you move from one station to the next, cleaning, fixing, and rejuvenating unused train stations to be functional again.


Train Station Renovation is a very simple pick up and play cleaning simulator. Making the game accessable to most players. When loading up the game, you are in your office space. Here you can pick the station you will clean, upgrade your cleaning equipment and also play with your train set (I did not do this much). I will cover everything later on just now we will talk about gameplay and cleaning.
Once a station is picked, we start at your van. This will normally have some equipment relating to the ‘main task’, from bolt cutters to radiation suits etc. you know normal cleaning stuff. This task will have several steps for instance, turn on electricity is the task, then a few simple instructions on how to complete the task. Even though there is a ‘main task’ this will only take up a few minutes of your time at the station. Most of the time you will cleaning and renovating. 

The REAL aim of Train Station Renovation is to get the station and all its areas back up to scratch and get five stars. To do this, we come fully equipped for ever job. We have a wrench, axe, crowbar, sponge, to name a few. Each tool has its own job; the wrench is used to fix items, axe to destroy items, crowbar also, but it also fits windows (don’t ask), sponge to clean graffiti and so on. All the tools are on an item ring so easy enough to change and each cleaning task will highlight the tool needed. Making sure the play will never get lost. Once you have the tool in hand its hold A and move around the Left stick for cleaning tasks (removing graffiti) and just holding A for fixing and smaller tasks (cleaning cobwebs). 

We have the cleaning done, what’s next? 

For this we will need bin containers. We have two types of bins to lend mix and separated. Mixed is for anything that cannot be recycled and separated for the recyclables. We can only place the bins in outlined areas, there are a few places as some maps are fairly sizable and it saves lots of back tracking. As we break up items, fix windows we will create waste, and after we collected enough, there will be a bag dropped that will need binned. If the bag is black, it goes in the mixed bin, however, if it’s a coloured bag I.e Green for glass, it goes in the separated bin and if put in the right colour area, then you get paid for it. There is also rubble, tires, boxes and other miscellaneous items that need transported to the mixed bin. Once the bins are full, there is a small charge to get them emptied.

The station is now clean, what’s next? 

Now we get to place new furnishings in the rooms. Once a room is cleaned you will be notified in the bottom right of the HUD what furnishings we need in the room. Only areas with a pulsing circle will need furnishings. Here we go to our handy table and buy the items we need. Luckily for us the deliveries are instant. The items bought will be on the bottom inventory bar and using left or right on the D-pad to pick the item you would like. Now you go around the room and place the item where you like them until the room is complete and all furnishings are placed.

Stars, money, rewards and scanner

Stars are given on the percentage of cleaning done within the station, the more you clean you will earn stars. Stars have two purposes. It shows how well you are doing and for each star you get a reward, new station, money, miniatures for train set. Also stars are used to upgrade your tools back in your shop, this will speed up the jobs considerably.

For the scanner I did not know it was a thing until the third station. Oops. It works like all scanners: it highlights anything that needs to be cleaned, binned, or destroyed. It also became invaluable in some maps to items falling below the floor or going invisible so it was impossible to see them and get the five star rating however, still intractable still. As just cleaning can earn five stars.

This leads in to a weird place I was at while playing Train Station Renovation. The bugs are rampant through the game, mainly items disappearing. It happened way too often and even if it was annoying and these bugs shouldn’t be there, it really didn’t take away much from the fun I was having. 


Train Station Renovation is a simple, additive, buggy, excellent experience. I had no expectations going in to this game and did not realise how much I enjoyed the game. I would see hours pass by and not realise. Train Station Renovation has no right to be this enjoyable, but it really is.

If you look by the bugs Train Station Renovation is a game, I will recommend. I doubt it is for everyone, but if you want to try something new, try this.


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