Developer: Event Horizon Limited
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 25/06/2020
Price£22.49 £14.67/$24.99
On sale until 28/03/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Tower of Time a story as old as time it’s self. The game starts with our protagonist a nameless figure as a young boy who enters the Tower of Time and is witness to some unearthly goings on. We rejoin our boy now, a man and a leader of men, who does not like to get his hand dirty instead he controls Champions. In a once prosperous land, the events that followed our hero’s first trip to the Town of Time, have ravaged the lands and it now an all or nothing last attempt to save his homeland and everything around him.

The over arching story is interesting with some nice lore that goes with it.

Tower of Time battle

The gameplay is simple to pick up and use, but there are aspects that can be a little overwhelming at first glance. There is nothing too taxing in the way of gameplay. First thing of note is the isometric camera angle in the style of Diablo (I personally love this view). This is present throughout the entire game. With all good dungeon crawlers, there is plenty of loot to find and lore to uncover.

The highlight of my time here is definitely the battle system it is a waved based system with different objectives. For example, it could be a simple beat X amount of enemies or destroy X amount of select targets. This adds a bit of variety to an interesting battle system.

As battles begin, it is up to the player to select where the champion is to go, what it will attack like a simple version of the classic RTS gameplay. In-order to make these selections and not have the player overwhelmed, time can be slowed, allowing changes to be made and to scan the battlefield. As there is no mouse making selections can be at times a little cumbersome, so slowing of time was a great way to even off this problem. With this slowing of time, it did artificially draw out some battles. I felt there were many battles that should have ended quicker than they did.

One other aspect I enjoyed was the customising of the champions. Each champion has a range of skills that changes up their attack and play style. This made for some good customisation as long and making each champion feel unique and have a purpose within the team.

I suffered some small frame rate drops, but nothing too bad that I will hinder your enjoyment.

Tower of Time RPG

Tower of Time is a decent strategy game with a lot to offer if you like these styles of games. I really enjoyed my time, the issues where not massive and the gameplay overall was fun and engaging. With plenty of lore to find and read fleshing out the world.

Tower of time is worth a playthough, more so if it is on sale.


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