Developer: Ruby Force, Omega Games
PublisherKoei Tecmo, DDM Games
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 24/05/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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The warriors series and musou games have a special place in my heart. So when I see there is a new one coming out, I get a little excited. Mass murder in the thousands, how could you not? Now we have Touken Ranbu Warriors for the switch. Is it any good? 

Set in the year 2205, you are the only force that can stand up to the History Retrograde Army (HRA). The HRA are travelling back in time and rewriting history for their own benefit. You are the Touken Danshi (living swords). The HRA attacks your base, the Honmaru. 

You are now assigned by the Government of the Time to undergo investigations. Under the guidance of Konnosuke, the fox, that keeps the team on track. 

Touken Ranbu Warriors game

Mini Muosu

Touken Ranbu Warriors is for all intents and purposes a shrunken down and mini version of the usual musou action. Each investigation has a player controlled character and a partner. 

Each of the investigations will see you fight wave upon wave of the HRA, a somewhat zombie like army. Until you beat the allotted generals and complete the mission. Now and then, you will need to check out parts of the map that seem empty. I found most missions lasted less than fifteen minutes. 

Is the game too simple? Yes, yes, it is! Touken Ranbu Warriors has streamlined everything to one button. Attack one button special attacks different buttons. The battles themselves are not challenging and remain enjoyable. 

Touken Ranbu Warriors gameplay loop is simple and far shorter than the usual offerings that it makes a nice change of pace to have missions smaller. 


The Touken Danshi’s base, the Honmaru offers a couple of nice gameplay mechanics. Party members can be placed throughout the Honmaru and earn EXP to level up while not in battle. There are also mini games to play in each room. Not only are they simple fun, but net extra EXP for anyone in the room. 

The Honmaru is where you can level up weapons, check on stats of the team. Save and load and so on. 

Overall, Touken Ranbu Warriors does not do much wrong on the surface and is fun to play and addictive with the small missions. It is a good entry point for new players. But for fan of the musou titles, this outing might let them down. 


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