Developer: Echtra Games
Publisher: Perfect World
Platforms: PS4, Switch, XBox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 26/05/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Torchlight 3 has been around now for a while and to mixed reception. I will not review the full game. However, in my own opinion Torchlight 3 got a lot of bad press at launch, but I can see why it got as much love as Torchlight 2. It is just another Torchlight game with not pushing the game forward much.

Now we have the Spring update, the last update that Echtra Games, will be providing to Torchlight before Zynga takes over the IP. This patch brings a lot of fixes to the game that have been much needed since the games launch. For all classes and game its self and a lot of quality of life fixes. From what I read, most of the talents of each class where broken and did not work. 

Along with the Four new pet species and the updates to the forge there are plenty of changes


We are here to the major part of the Spring Update for Torchlight 3 the new class Cured Captain. You are a Pirate Captain who is not alive or dead we curse you to live as a ghost along with your crew. 

The Summoner Class

The Cured Captain, the power to summon the ship’s crew cannoneers, Riflemen, standard crewmates and the first mate to fight alongside them, for a price. Doubloons are dropped from enemies that are defeated. Use them to pay for your crew to help. As you are the Captain, you can order your crew to relocate, do extra attacks and attack or focus fire. This makes the crew crucial to the success in this said tree.

If you are not one for using your crew and want to play as a bloody strong cannon wielding ghost of death, you can. Instead of using your Doubloons to pay for your crew, instead use them in the cannon to let rip powerful spells. As we are a Summoner class, you can call upon your ship to aid you and send volleys of broadside attacks at the enemies.

The Cursed Captain is in my own opinion a great class and it feels overpowered I was mowing down enemies with little problem throughout my play time with this ghost of the Caribbean. With most of my RPGs played as a healer or summoner, I felt right at home with this new class. One of the best changes for this class is that you get capes and not helmets. I mean, who does not love a dashing cape?

Torchlight 3 is a great wee ARPG, that is moving in the right direction. It is a shame it takes a game to get better a year or more down the line. I would If you are new or not to ARPG Torchlight 3 is a good and fun experience. There is, however, much better out there still.

I would recommend waiting on a sale however, it is on sale regularly so I doubt the wait will be long.


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