Thief of Thieves

Developer: Skybound Entertainment & Rival Games Ltd
Publisher:  Rival Games Ltd
Platforms: Switch, Xbox One, Pv
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 12/11/2019
Price: £17.99/$19.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

[ Introduction ]

Thief of Thieves is based on the award-winning graphic novel series of the same name by Robert Kirkman.

Take the mantle of the cat burglar Celia Kowalczyk for her many heists around the world. Each heist has its own self-contained story, with multiple ways of completing each one.

The narrative is well-written and plays out through cut-scenes and in game chats between characters.

Thief of Thieves airport

[ Gameplay ]

The gameplay in Thief of Thieves is the biggest let down of the experience. As Celia is performing heists, the gameplay is stealth based. Similar to Hitman (minus the killing) with a good story we should be on to a winner, however, we are not.

Each heist has multiple stages from casing the place to gaining entry to a party. Sub-goals will be added as the heist proceeds and although they do not ‘need’ to be completed they will alter the heist’s outcome.

There is no real challenge to the game. It is more simply a matter of trial and error. Get caught? No problem, you will just start from the last checkpoint. Savepoints are so abundant in any given level that almost no progress will be lostFeeling a little stuck? There is intuition mode that plays the game for you. It shows every interactive object on the level, taking away any need to think. 

I found a few bugs within the game, nothing game braking just annoying. The main issue is when trying to interact with objects, at times it does not work and fidgeting Celia around is necessary. Lock picking is inconsistent because either too sensitive or it is fine.

ToT lacks fun and challenge, especially if you are expecting something similar to Hitman.

Thief of Thieves party

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

Thief of Thieves looks AMAZING! It is like a living graphic novel. The clever use of cell shading gives the looks of the graphic novel, it is the closest looking game to the source material I have seen in a while. If only the same love and attention was given to the gameplay as the visuals received.

Thief of Thieves train

[ Sound ]

The voice acting is all around fairly decent, except the Cockney guy who sounds daft, really daft. The music gives the feel of being a sneaky thief and an air of mystery and urgency.

Thief of Thieves tech

[ Conclusion ]

Overall, Thief of Thieves has a great base to build from and fantastic canon to use. By holding your hand all the way through the fun it completely taken away. The looks of the game are outstanding but it is not enough to make a good game.
If you are looking for an enjoyable stealth game, then I would go get Hitman or even 2014’s Thief. Yes, I went there!
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