Developer: Rionix
Publisher: OverGamez
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 23/01/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Story for The Unexpected Quest is thin. Builders have been shipped wrecked on a beach after an abnormal storm. This is about all you are getting.

A story may have made my experience with The Unexpected Quest more enjoyable.


‘Lets do this! Build a few things, break lots of barriers and fight enemies…Why? Because we have to, that’s why.’ This is what it feels like after the first few levels of The Unexpected Quest. The game has you starting with two builders on every level. These builders will can build six buildings a farm and logging cabin, small house, big house, barracks forge. Now some levels come with barracks and forges, so only four things. Almost all levels you get farms and logging cabins. So essentially you need 1 building the big house so you can hire four more characters than two.

What are the builders for then? The long and short of it making paths to the next fight or quest, and resource collecting. The start of a level you will need to collect food and wood to complete actions like building and breaking barriers. Here is the first problem for every action you have to manually select, so to pick up food you have to select both from the farm, need wood same thing select each one individually. Other side of the map need food to break down a barrier, don’t worry click on the food and the builders will run ALL the way back, to get it. It felt tiresome and time-consuming. Been good if you could have selected the builders to collect resources without having to constantly select them.

Now for combat. The first unit you get from a barrack is a swordsman, he is good against melee class enemies. This is good for the first level to have access to a Swordsman. After this it will be mages and archers, you will need more. SO to unlock these the Builders need to find the building on the map unlock it and build it. These areas are highlighted on the map, so before you can attack said enemy you need to get the unit. So we have two archers and there is an enemy archer, send the two to take out this one, NOPE! Only one can attack at a time.

The forge is a useful building this allows you to upgrade your fighters to attack stronger enemies. To upgrade the units you will need gold, this can be found on the map, drops from enemies and from quests. same ordeal with collecting everything else, unfortunately.

There are spells that will help to an extent like increased food collected or wood, or give a boost of wood. However, I used them in one level; the functionality needs tweaked. There are abilities that can be added to the hotbar to increase units’ attack or health. The hotbar is the home for spells to. I fell The Unexpected Quest is a mishmash of ideas that need a little more time in the forge to be able to hammer them out smoother.


As I stated, The Unexpected Quest needed a bit more time for the ideas to come together. There is a decent base, but it’s too tedious. I wanted to enjoy it; I love a strategy game. I did for the for the first few levels. If the ideas can be hammered out, then there could be a good follow up game.


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