Developer: Grasshopper Manufacture
Publisher: NIS America
Platforms: PS4, Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 09/07/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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We all know the name Goichi Suda, at least his professional name SUDA51, the crazy mind behind Killer 7 and No More Heros and his studio Grasshopper Manufacture. I am sure we would want to see his earliest work, well here we are with The Silver Case 2425 his writing debut to 1999. 

The Silver Case 2425 is not a single game, it is actually both the Silver Case Games in one nice wee package. I say wee this is far from a wee game, and to be honest I will not be adequately be able to sum both these games up in this review, as these two games can only be truly understood by playing them. More SUDA51 magic has been woven here. In his signature crazy, bizarre and out there ways of making games.

The Silver Case

The Silver Case follows the events around the resurrection of serial killer Kamui Uehara in a special Kanto ward known as Ward 24. You play part of the game as a member of the Heinous Crime Unit codenamed ‘Akira.’ The HCU is a specialised task force tasked in taking down the most dangerous and sadistic criminals with unorthodox methods. Akira has just been ‘hired’ by the HCU and will get tied up in The Silver Case that will bring to light hidden truths about the HCU member’s, Kamui and Ward 24.

And part of the game will revolve around freelance journalist Tokio Morishima. Who is tasked by his boss to do a report on Kamui. While attempting to for fill his job and following the HCU around Tokio has a something heinous happen to him. After his ordeal Tokio looks in to his own life’s past and dealing with an online stalker called ‘The Bat.’ 

The 25th Ward

Set 5 years after The Silver Case, in the newly constructed Ward 25. A ward that is meant to be as close to perfect as possible and will allow its residents to live a normal and peaceful life. This peace is on the verge of being shattered by the chaos of Kamui Uehara. It broke this story in to three story points.

Correctness, Matchmaker and Placebo. As the story unfolds it is up to the HCU to stop Kamui again? With things spiraling out of control, it is up to Shinkai Tsuki, Yotaro Osato, and Tokio Morishima to understand everything as their stories intertwine.
I warned you a lot happens and I cannot sum up EVERYTHING that happens in a review. 


The Silver Case 2425 could be primarily put in to the visual novel category as it is just that, however, it’s got more than just reading up its sleeves. There is a sort of dungeon-crawler style movement system in play. This allows players to stop hitting one button and get to move about and solve some puzzles. There is nothing over complex regarding the movement system it is simple, and make for a good change of pace for the story heavy game. While you are controlling the character you can interact with the environment, solve puzzles and talk to other characters. Some puzzles got a little tedious at times, but I enjoyed these sections.

The Silver Case is not only a great story but visually it is outstanding. The character art is fantastic and conveys the tension and the feeling being conveyed. Mixed with the great synth sound track you have presentation.

Overall, The Silver Case 2425 is a great visual novel with a weird and wonderfully bizarre story that has aged well and still conveys the tension and mayhem in the overall story.

If you want to play a bit of video game history and SUDA51 first fray in to video games, you owe yourself to play The Silver Case 2425.


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