Developer: Robot Pumpkin Games GmbH
Publisher: Assemble Entertainment
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 22/07/2021
Price£11.99 £8.39/$14.99 $10.49
On sale untill 01/09/2021 UK and 02/09/2021 US
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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So there is one fact about me I tend not to tell people. I am a Lovecraftian. I love the mythos, the world, the grand and unfathomable scale of the entities that exist in his work. There is so much scope for growth and expansion on his works. And I have dabbled in my own Lovecraftian writings now and then. So when I had the chance to review The Innsmouth Case, not even Nyarlathotep would stop me. 

The Innsmouth Case is a make your own adventure style game (loved as a kid). Where you are a Private Investigator based in Boston, who is hired to find a missing child. In the small port town of Innsmouth (from The Shadow Over Innsmouth). After arriving in Innsmouth, it is apparent that not all is what it seems, and the town is a little fishy.

You will need to decide what you are going to do and how to act in this sizable story. 


The devs impressed me, not only by the knowledge of the story but how they expanded on the story and made it their own. It is not all doom and gloom there is comedy in there, new characters and extra content that all fit well with in the story.

The gameplay is simple as reading the story it’s self then on what you have read, picking a response or reply to what has just happened. Each response will lead to a different dialog that will affect the story. Be that comical, death or other strange happening, like ‘sex’ with Deep Ones, don’t ask it’s funny though.

The focal point of The Innsmouth Case is to find the missing girl. The fun, however, is seeing how your decision will change what happens in the story. After you have concluded an ending, you can reload any area that you have visited and change the responses you have given the last time. From what I gathered, if you load in the middle of the story, they will lock the previous choices from earlier in. I recommend for the first handful of attempts to start from the beginning and doing the full run.

The presentation here is good with the game being set in a book, encapsulating the make your own story feeling. Characters that you will meet being animated in a cartoon style giving off a comical eerie vibe. 

Overall, I really enjoyed The Innsmouth Case. There is enough variation in the core material to make me carry on reading and seeing what trouble I can get myself in to.

If you like H.P Lovecraft’s works or are wondering about them. I would recommend this for some tongue-an-cheek satire.


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