Developer: Room C Games
PublisherVersus Evil
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 14/06/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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In The Hand of Merlin, you will recruit three mortals and set them on a path to save your soul. That has been scattered throughout the multiverse. Your brave band of heroes must travel from Albion to Jerusalem, while carving out their own path.

The story is close to ‘choose your own’ story, with different branching paths. It makes for some fun and costly events.

The hand of merlin game


The Hand of Merlin is a roguelike experience that will need players to playthrough multiple runs to complete the complete story. Luckily, the game is enjoyable enough to keep you coming back.

While on the beautiful, randomly generated world map, you will move from node to node as you try to reach the other end of the map. Each node is its own unique event. From deciding who wins an argument, to giving resources and battles. Each choice made will affect the overall narrative and impact your run.

This makes each run different, and each choice has weight of some sort on your adventure. It also makes each run different. for instance, giving away your food could cost you health as when it hits zero, health is lost. And the next town or node with food might be awhile away.

Magic, Might and Cosmic Horror

As you travel, there will be plenty of fights to engage in. The Hand of Merlin battles are the typical grid based, turn-based action. You will fight everything from humans to weird flying blobs of goo. As you would expect, each character acts one at a time with the use of AP. AP is used for movement and attacks.

Your band of heroes will have their own abilities that have a cool down after each use, with some being limited pre-fight. So make sure you pick your moves carefully. After each battle and nodes move, you will gain renown. Once enough is collected, you will need to choose a skill from a randomly selected trio. Making sure each play though is different.

The Hand of merlin is not a quick game, the story its self is around 20 hours long. With a run varying from half an hour to four plus hours.

Overall, The Hand of Merlin it a great take on a roguelike experience, that offers something new each time you start a run. With plenty of content on offer that will keep any tabletop and turn-based RPG fan busy.

I would say The Hand of Merlin is a purchase, and is more inviting in a sale.


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