Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: PS4, Switch, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 27/07/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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It is not every day CAPCOM will produce something as iconic as The Ace Attorney series. After the roaring success of Phoenix Wright, there is an enormous shadow for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles to get from under. Can this new (but old) Ryunosuke Naruhodo live up to his future family member’s standards or is he just a stepping stone for greatness?

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is a remake of two 3DS games that were released in Japan only. To be honest, I was not sure we would ever see these over here as talking about them die almost as soon as they were released about coming west. I am so glad I am wrong.

Set in the Meiji period in Japan and Victorian England a good 100 years before, Mr Wright is a glint in his his mother’s eyes. You play as Ryunosuke Naruhodo, who is introduced in to the real legal system by defending himself after being accused of killing his teacher from Briton. As this is the era where the Trade agreement between the two nations is fragile at best, this case is imperative to the cohesion of the nations. 

After this case, Naruhodo ends up taking a trip to Britain learning the British legal system. While getting himself embroiled with more pressing legal cases.


The game follows basically the same overall game arc as the Phonix Write games. With Naruhodo going out and investigating his cases and building up evidence to use in court. While in court pointing out inconsistences with the statements given with the evidence collected. The strike system is back where make too many mistakes and you will lose the court case. 


OK, OK! There are a few differences that make The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles stand out from its predecessor and even more engaging and fun. 

The Great Deduction.

While in Briton, Naruhodo with investigate murders with the help of Herlock Sholmes. Not sure who he is myself. Here Mr Sholmes will make deductions about the murder that has taken place and, to be honest, he is an idiot.  So Naruhodo will have to explore the room and correct Mr Sholmes’ deductions. The deductions are logical but need a tweak, here and there. It is almost like having another court battle. But what stands out is the writing and Sholmes himself together makes one of the best characters in the series.


While in Briton, Naruhodo will need to convince a Jury of the facts not just a judge like in Japans. This is an interesting mechanic and one where the Jury change their mind on a dime. As you present the evidence and contradict the statements, the Jury’s minds are constantly shifting. 

If you are losing the Jury, you will get the opportunity to integrate them for their reason on why they are thinking what they are. You can pick their reasonings apart they will shift to your favour. It is not a bad addition, it just an extra layer to the court proceedings.

Such a great look

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is in short a beautiful game, with 3D models and 2D backgrounds. The improvements to the looks of the game are night and day. From the looks to animations, it took aback me from the start of the game to the end with how bloody nice it looked.

Overall, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is an impressive addition to the Ace Attorney series. From the writing, visuals and recent additions, everything is amazing. 

This is a must play. If you enjoyed Phoenix Wright. “This is the defence’s closing statement.”


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