Developer: Tomas Sala
PublisherWired Productions
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 05/08/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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The Falconeer Warrior Edition comes to switch, and it’s been one game that has me somewhat excited for aerial dog fights on a bird. I was even more excited to see what this solo dev can do. 

The Falconeer takes place in the fantasy world of Ursee. Ursee is made up primarily of water with land masses protruding from the sea. With the mass divide of land masses, this has given birth to different factions. 

The Falconeers have risen to help each faction aims to gain more power over the others. Not only that, they are the guardians, warriors, next day delivery carrier, and everything else that they need to be. You are one of these Falconeers and a-top of your massive war bird you will unravel the mysteries of Ursee. 


In terms of gameplay it is both fantastic and lacking in equal measure. On the one side you are an aerial Falcon bad ass down enemy birds and ships. Then the downside is the world itself. 

Let us start this off with the best part of the game by far, the aerial battles. First, how you approach a battle will depend on the bird you picked before the tutorial. Once the tutorial is complete, then you can take on missions and fly around the massive open world. 

When you enter battle everything feels amazing and responsive. You do not feel you are in a jet like you would expect from this type of game. There is stamina that needs to maintain as well as ammo. While flying your bird can tuck in its wing and free fall, this is not only great for escaping on coming projectiles but it will also increase the stamina but you can also catch fish for a quick stamina boost. 
Stamina plays a big part on how well you will fair in combat, or at least how challenging it will be on the whole. If you come in low to a fight, you will live there for most of the fight, as climbing will deplete stamina, making climbing an uphill battle. The trade of is you can use islands for cover and get some much needed rest bite even if it is for a second. However (and my preferred tactic) entering battle from higher up will give you more opportunity to take out enemies with less hassle and diving runs to keep stamina topped up. Yes, there is less cover, but on the whole you will get the drop on the poor souls you will blow up.

As you fight and complete missions you will eventually level up, giving The Falconeer a basic RPG element. These level up’s will increase the stats of your rider and bird. Each chapter will have on main quest and side quests. I recommended that side quest be completed. As you progress the dog fights will progressively get harder and if you are under leveled, it will be one hell of a fight. Along with level up there are new guns and items that can be bought to improve survival chances.

With all that said, there is only one flaw I want to bring up, and that is the world is on the whole empty. There is not much going on in the large open worlds, more so if you fly high. There are the pockets of fish and bigger fish that will be visible from the sea, however, until you get to the mission area there will be nothing to do but fly. With The Falconeer being such a pretty game it not all bad and the optional fast travel ability, I just wanted more dog fights. Just to break up the lonely world.

Overall, The Falconeer Warrior Edition is a fantastic aerial combat game that has a lot to offer to the players who dear venture in to Ursee. With some of the best aerial combat I have played for a long time. 

I have to admit it Tomas Sala has exceeded what I was expecting from a solo developer. The Falconeer Warrior Edition is a must play.


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