Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
PublisherDaedalic Entertainment
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 27/01/2021
Price£17.99/$19.99 $14.99 The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav
£17.99/$19.99 $14.99 The Dark Eye: Memoria
*On Sale Until 03/03/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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We have two separate The Dark Eye games are two separate stories that play similar, so I did them as one review. Being point-and-click games, the narrative and puzzles are the main experience and they both play very similar.

The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav

Players will take on the role of Garon the bird catcher. Since childhood, the townsfolk have seen Garon as a source of bad luck, as the evil prophet called The Seer said so just before Garon’s dad and his companions executed him. We first meet Garon as he is trying to collect four oak leafs, allowing him to gain an audience with the King. This also allows for Garon to find himself in a fortuitous situation where the King request him to remove some crows from the castle. Well, that’s what it seemed at first. Little did Garon know these crows were more of an omen than fortune.

Rumors spread that The Seer has returned after the ones who captured him are being murdered. Garon is tasked to find a fairy that plays a magic harp that can banish Evil. While finding out that ‘The Seer’ is also plotting on finding the fairy, Garon ends up on a grand adventure of magic, death and mystery.


The Dark Eye: Memoria

Following the events of the previous game, Memoria again follows Garon as he tries to turn his partner Nuri (the fairy) back to her old self after being turned in to a crow. This leads Garon to a merchant who knows the how, but for him to do so Garon needs to answer a riddle. This riddle will send Garon down a path of history, dreams and stories to uncover the answer and the meaning of the riddle.

This leads the game to its next protagonist, Princess Sadja, who was alive 500 years before Garon was born. Sadja goes on a world traveling adventure to become a Legend in the battle between the Holy Order and the Demonic Horde. However, she has been forgotten, but from a few who know her story. Her story has ended and a new hero must stand, and that hero is none other than a bird catcher.

Both games have a fantastic story that will keep the player engaged for hours. Even with a great narrative and puzzles, both games suffer from the same problems as well.

The problem comes with the audio design and the voice acting. This being the only let down is a saving grace, as looking past this you will find these games are two of the best point and click games made. The biggest offender of horrible voice acting id Geron, he is so monotonal with no range of voice at all he is the first hurdle to overcome, that before a single puzzle.

The games both look fantastic with the hand drawn water coloured sets that are highly detailed and some are just jaw dropping. The Dark Eye has the setting of this world down to a tee.


The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav and The Dark Eye: Memoria are two of the best point and click games I have played in a LONG time. With a great narrative and world buliding, great puzzles to boot. It is let down by the voice acting. Get past that and you are on to something truly special.

I would say if you like a great story and world and puzzles, this is a buy. I personally loved the games, but I know they will not be for everyone.


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