Developer: Rebuild Games
PublisherFlyhigh Works
Platforms: Switch, Mobile
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 04/03/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Now and then a game comes along that you know nothing about but seems interesting, and it turns out to be something special. Super MetBoy is one of these games! I knew nothing about this game going in to it but gave it a chance and I am so glad that I did.

There is an online multiplayer aspect to the game I could not try out.

Super Metboy game

For such a wee game, there is plenty on offer in Super MetBoy. There are 6 stages to fight your way through each sage getting progressively more difficult. As with all arcade games, the latter levels become a real challenge. AND IT IS SUPER CUTE!!!!!

Super Metboy has taken a lot of inspiration from Flappy Bird. As with each tap of A,B,X or Y MetBoy will jump and attack, if A is tapped repeatedly MetBoy will float in the air and attack. It is also possible to change the direction of the attacks with the right analog stick and move MetBoy with the left. The game is is easy to pick up and play but also bloody hard at the same time.

Enemies will attack from all angles on the screen, so keep on moving and shooting is the key to winning here. As the levels move on, the enemies get harder. The first level see floating balloons with smiling faces getting blown up, next see these balloons fighting back by shooting at you. It is also possible to get headshots for more damage (don’t ask). MetBoy also does a powerful spin attack each time he jumps. This attack I found is far more important and useful than I first thought. By the end we have enemies coming from below left right, up down, diagonally and projectiles coming from all sides. Not only that, but after each level there is a boss encounter, and they are no pushovers. It gets a little hectic, to say the least. 

After each kill gold will be dropped and points added and a combo meter filled increasing the points, these are very important to keep going. As more points accumulate per run it is possible to unlock a new MetBoy, there are six to unlock, each with their own unique stats and attacks. For instance MetBomber is slow but attack damage and size are big. As the name suggests it tosses bombs but unlike MetBoy who attacks in a line, he attacks in an arc. This transforms the game. With the gold it changes these in to diamonds at the end of the run. We use these for the upgrade system.

Do not worry Super MetBoy has a few ways to make you feel like a boss. After each level of chaos a vending machine drops giving the player a one of three free upgrade for that run alone. The upgrades can be faster movement, more attack power, bigger attacks, longer attacks and so on. Each hopefully making the next level easier. Along with these we have permanent gatcha style upgrades from the home screen. As it will allocate diamonds after each run, how much will depend on the score. These diamonds can be spent on upgrading MetBoy. We can purchase Chips, Expand chip slots (up to 6) and increase cost capacity. When buying a chip you will be randomly given a chip from bronze up to gold and pink. The chips can increase life, damage and gold collection. They also have a use cost. So improving cost capacity is just as important as getting chips. The chips can make a massive difference to how well you can do per run.

Super Metboy upgrade

Oh, man Super MetBoy is simply Amazing it is just out-and-out fun from the start to the end. I couldn’t actually put the game down. It is so simple, but with the gatcha chips I had to unlock them all. Go out and try it it will surprise you..

For me Super MetBoy is a must buy


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