Developer: Beam Team
PublisherBeam Team Games
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 31/08/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

What would you do if you were in a plane crash over the sea and the only a life raft and a deserted island? How long would you last? I am no expert but I feel that I could just about survive. At least in Stranded Deep you can try it from your own home

Your character starts off on a private jet flying over the tropics and some catastrophic plane failure happens and you are sent plummeting into the sea. You have to swim up to the surface where the game starts. You begin on a small life raft worth an island just off in the distance. Here, you will need to survive. Until you realise, you will need to make it to the middle of the islands to fix the plain and escape.

There is a weird game logic going on. One moment you are struggling to make a small shelter to a few hours down the line, you are a fully trained aircraft maintenance technician. However, I still enjoyed the journey.


Surviving a Desert Island (not real tips)

In the beginning, as with most survival games, times are hard. Most of the time you will spend trying to forage for f good and water. In a first-person view. Then more items you craft, the more you can collect. And the more you can build and so on. It plays like you would expect a survival game to play.

One aspect I did like was the number of items that could be crafted. You can build buildings, tools, boats, hunting weapons and so on. This gives the players a lot of c freedom when choosing how to live.

Now being set in the middle of the ocean, it has to play a part within the experience and it does. In fact, you will play a lot on the and in the sea. From small rafts get you a little way out to much larger vessels. You can fish on these boats, but for true survival experts, you need to get in the area and take on some sharks. I am sure Bear Grylls would approve of this. However, there are many ways to get food me water. You will need to find them out.

The Sea

I know I just mentioned the sea in the last section, but this is more about how beautiful it looks. I could have spent my time on the island just watching the sea and relaxing. Stranded Deep on the whole looks stunning on the switch. In both handheld and docked. I it is refreshing to see this hybrid machine allowing games to look as good as the bigger boys.

It Is Not All Smooth Sailing

Stranded Deep has a few wee bugs to work out. The biggest one is the game recognising items on the floor. You can craft with items on the floor and your inventory. I found frequently the game did not use items on the floor. It was like they were not there. This mixed worth, a very limited inventory space, ended up a juggling act to move things about to craft. It worked most of the time, but when it didn’t, I felt like cracking the closet coconut open on my head.


Stranded Deep really hits home the loneliness of being stranded. I now know what Tom Hanks felt like. It could do with some sort of co-op to make the experience slightly more enjoyable. Luckily PS4 and Xbox One are getting a co-op update. So hopefully the Switch version will get one soon.

Overall Stranded Deep has plenty to offer the survival gamer. With land and sea exploration and a ton of items to craft. There are some bugs, unfortunately not the ones you want to see on screen. Hopefully, these will get sorted. All wrapped up in a beautiful looking setting.

Stranded Deep keeps you entertained. If you are looking for another survival title to add to your list, then check it out.


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