Still There

Developer: GhostShark
Publisher: Iceburg Interactive
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 20/11/2019
Price: £13.49/$14.99
Reviewed By: Chicken Perm
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[ Introduction ]

How many days do you think you could survive in outer space on an isolated space-lighthouse? Only with an oddball AI system to keep you company and a pet tuatara, Karl Hemba has been away from civilization for quite some time now. Life has become very monotonous on The Bento until an emergency radio transmission is received over the AI system (AKA Gordy) and now there is a sci-fi mystery afoot.

Still There coffee

[ Gameplay ]

Still There starts off very slow and asks the player to complete many tedious tasks and to be honest, it was a struggle just to muster up the will to get through the start of the game. The playstyle is much like a point and click adventure game with an inventory for items, and much like any other game, there are puzzles to solve to advance the story.

As I said before the start of the game tasks are too menial such as making yourself coffee; which is a lot more complication then you could imagine and just getting the water for it is TMI for this review. The computer system set up is beyond complex; there are too many knobs, switches, buttons and panels to mess with just to get missions completed. I am sure there is a niche group that would be very much interested in the entire minor detailed/somewhat realistic feature the title provides but it was too much for me.

Anyway you slice it the game is absolutely for adults because of the language used and the attention to detail required for the puzzles. Despite Gordy being quirky and likeable, Karl is so pissy and miserable from the get-go, it was impossible to like the setting.

Still There console

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

A pleasing cartoony art style is used for the inside of the Bento, and I would give the visuals the nod as the best feature of the game. Even though I found the computer system too complex, it did give off the appearance of what one could look like in real life. The ship had a good use of varied colours to make each section look unique. The parts where you get to see outer space are the cream of the crop here. When you hover over a useable item, there is a clear and obvious visual notification which is appreciated.

There were no bugs when playing. My only complaint visually would be that the text and some of the computer buttons are far too small to interact with easily.

Still There cutscene

[ Sound ]

There is a definite alone in space vibe provided by the sombre sound design. I would imagine it would be incredibly lonely and often dead silent if alone on a craft in the voids of space. Still There portrays a desolate environment and story. It is known early that Karl has a picture of a grown female and child whom we are to assume is his family, but they are not with him. He is all by himself with no other human life form, and the game accomplishes pushing that feeling onto the player via the lack of lively music and sound effects.

Still There history

[ Conclusion ]

I cannot say I truly enjoyed my time with Still There BUT that does not mean the game is bad by any means at all. It simply just was not my cup of tea because of a few minor things. Mainly, the task functions/text being too tiny and finding Karl so unlikeable were my two issues with the game. However, the game is fully functional, the puzzles are detailed and challenging. If any adult gamer likes this genre of game and is up for a detailed challenge, then Still There gets a big recommendation from me. Unfortunately, I just do not think it is going to hit with most gamers.
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