Developer: Carry Castle
PublisherThunderful Games
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 13/04/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Source of Madness is a 2D roguelike set in a Lovecraftian nightmare. Where everything is made to feel a little off and the monsters you face are straight out of that crazy Arabs Necronomicon. 

There is not much of a story to go off. Except to discover the secrets of the Tower of Madness. 

Source of Madness game

Lovecraftian World

Source of Madness oozes charm if charm was a cosmic nightmare. You play as a chosen Acolyte who has to brave the world outside the Tower of Madness to find out what has happened. Luckily, you are adept with magics that will help you take on the leagues of nightmares wanting to consume you. 

Being a roguelike, it follows the same gameplay loop as most others. Whereby you progress as far as you possibly can, die and restart. Keeping all the blood and gems you find to leave up the skill tree. 

The skill tree has three components to it, the blood gems and altars. Altars are placed in between areas that will allow the player to unlock new classes. For example, Pyromancy, this in turn unlocking buffs to fire magic and powerful fire rings. Gems are used to unlock powerful buffs or magics. We collected gems from the randomly placed in game bosses, and blood is the currency to buy upgrades. This makes for an enjoyable enough reason to return to the Tower of Madness. 

Lovecraftian Nightmare

The procedurally generated worlds of Source of Madness makes each run feel different and is one aspect that could fit the lore of any Lovecraftian story as it makes sense in context. This keeps things fresh while pushing players. However, Source of Madness takes it a little further, be that for better or worse. 

The nightmare creatures you will face are randomly generated to make some weird-looking tentacle monster from hell. It does, however, come with a drawback. This being the weird hit boxes, there are times I feel I should have been hit by a sweeping leg but was missed. In one play through a boss landed on my character and I was not hit. Other runs I am hit and do not know why or even how. 

The other wee sneaky part of Source of Madness is the AI learns how you play and will adapt to compensate for this. Making sure you are using all tools you have at your disposal. This too can get frustrating, as it will force you to do different things out of your comfort zone. This could be offputting to some players. 

Even so, these little niggles do not take away from the enjoyment and frustrating fun you will be having. 

Overall, Source of Madness is a great addition to any roguelike player’s game collection. It has a few problems, but the world and the seer weirdness make up for this. 

Source of Madness is a definite buy, it’s not the best but will make a great addition.


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