Developer: Protocol Games
PublisherRaiser Games
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, Pc
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 28/05/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

I am always down to play a good horror game, and I saw Song of Horror I couldn’t wait to try it out and find another horror game that will scare me. So after booting it up, I was quietly optimistic. However, I never finished Song of Horror. I will explain as we go though the review, it’s a doozy too.

Song of Horror begins acclaimed writer, Sebastian P. Husher, publisher worried about him as he has not contacted them regarding his latest book. So the publisher sends Danel the assistant to check up on him. When arriving to the Husher Mansion is soon becoming apparent the Sebastian and his family are no longer there. 

Daniel searches the Mansion but comes face to face with a dark entity know as ‘The Presesnce.’ Daniel is trapped by ‘The Presesnce’ and you have to find out what has happened to Sebastian and Daniel. In an interlinking story with multiple characters who have their own expertise and specialities and Insite to what it happening. Death is permanent. If your current character dies, take up the search with someone else.

The part of the story and overall mechanic is ‘The Presence’ is an A.I. that will act differently and make new dynamic experience, I never got to experience these.


My time playing Song of Horror was nothing short of a travesty and I was hoping The Presence’ was going to take me away. Starting the game as Daniel you walk about his apartment as a sort of tutorial there are a lot of items to interact with that are highlighted by a diamond on screen. We can ignore most of these and miss nothing, as the items you need glow. After walking about the apartment, you get a phone call and here is where the story starts. However, in the lovely hand drawn cut scene of Daniel talking on the phone, the receiver is clearly still in the cradle, but in Daniel’d hand is the receiver. This was a sign of things to come. 

So now we get to the Husher Mansion, and we do more walking about while a music box is playing. A tutorial pops up saying that the light source will never run out Daniel’s is a torch. I entered a large room with a piano. As I was walking about, the torch would stay in place as Daniel and the light source moved about. To make things worse, this only happens in the first section of the room. So you eventually get trapped and guess what Daniel’s torch runs out of battery (this made me giggle).

So now you pick a new character and off you go back to the Husher mansion. here you get attacked by ‘The Presence.’ If a door is opened and it is behind it, you could be attacked and will need to do a button mash to stop it. However, at some doors you can listen to see if ‘The Presence’ is there. So takes away most of the tension. There is also a hide and seek style mechanic where you need to hide. Once hidden, the player needs to time button presses to calm their character down.

I won’t even get on to the shadows, face animations, over all graphics, as well I only experienced the first chapter.
Ok so now we get to the reason I HAD!!! to stop playing Song of Horror. It fully crashed my PS4 Pro after about 40 minutes of playing. the PS4 turned its self off. This happened three times I decided not to carry on in fear of damage to the console. This is a first for me as after they crashed I played other games and nothing like that happened so I can safely say it is not the PS4 it has to be Song of Horror. I do not know what the developers have done, but this is unacceptable.

All I can say as an overview is do not play Song of Horror at least until this major bug is fixed. If I had a score or zero, I would give it but I do not.


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