Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: RebellionInteract
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 17/11/2020
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Sniper Elite 4 the biggest entry in Rebellion’s stealth sniper franchise is on the Nintendo Switch. All I have to say it oh my, this console just keeps taking it up a notch.

You will play as Karl Fairburne yet again, who has to liberate Italy in 1948 during WWII. Like the previous games it will task him to take out enemy encampments, weapons and so on. However, with this entry there is more interaction with a team and it feels like a refreshing update to the games, lack of story and well anything really.


Sniper Elite 4 has taken everything we loved about the games and kept it then listened to fans who wanted bigger better worlds and more to do and done it. Compared to the previous games this entry takes them down one head shot at a time. Everything has been improved, more so the maps as they are MASSIVE! When this came out originally on the PS4 it pushed the console. Now it is here on this hybrid powerhouse, and it runs like a dream.

The game focuses mainly on stealth and well-placed shots to progress to the target or aim, now with so many more routes and places to go. This feels like it finally a complete game. There is a fair share of close combat engagements that will see Fairburne have to use his wits to take out and or escape a potential mission failure.

Gameplay is not a simple look down the scope, aim for head, or balls and shoot. If you do that, then the game will become a fight-or-flight situation, as the enemies will hear you and investigate the origin of the shot. However, the use of sounds to mask the shot is imperative to keep the guise of stealth, hear a train going by… this is the best time to take the shot. Then if you hit the head, heart or baws we get the core gimmick we know the game for, the x-ray kill where you see the nazi little make explode in to bits.

Snipe Elite 4 will not be for everyone, as if you want the best experience taking everything slow and steady is the best way.


There is not much wrong with the game Rebellion has made one of the best Stealth games to date with this one. Everything has been overhauled and is so much better with more choice. With multiple ways to play Sniper Elite 4 has something for everyone.

Must buy!


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