Developer: Cracked Heads
PublisherHeadup Games
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 29/01/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

Silver Chains is the next in a long line of horror games that seem to come out more and more; AND ITS GREAT!! Can not beat a good scare.

The story in Silver Chains is nothing new to the horror genera. Peter, our unlucky protagonist, crashes his car, goes to old creepy mansion, can’t leave, has to hide from the one ghost that can kill you and try to escape. Oh, and your dad is a doll!?


THe story is not the only thing to feel familiar with: Silver Chains the gameplay is the same as ever. In all the hide-and-seek style walking horror games, the protagonist walks around trying to figure out the puzzles and what has happened in the place they are trapped. Then there will be an unkillable monster that will stalk you throughout the game. Not only for the horror effect, but also as an indicator you are progressing with the game.

Even if Silver Chains does not push the boundaries of these styles of games and what it can be, it has some very good jump scares and WTF moments. One thing I did like with the gameplay is there is a delightful mix of folklore, ghost stories and other goodies in there.

One of the biggest surprises comes with the audio and visuals. Let’s start with visuals. Silver Chain is stunning in a dark sort of eerie I going to die way. With a fantastic level of polish and detail to the world, and those who inhabit it. I was very surprised to see the level of polish more so from an indie developer on their first game.

This also leads to the audio too, turn off the lights and stick the headphones on, and the game comes to life with some top quality audio. The noise of something running by just out of sight, other noises with no reason. Not to mention the children whispering in your ear, “she’s coming.” Then the shuffling of the monster as it tries to find and kill you. Well done Cracked Heads.


Silver Chains is in short a run-of-the-mill horror game that was playing it safe. Would have loved to see something new and inventive. However, the audio and visuals are fantastic.

For me this would be, wait for a sale, there is nothing you have not seen before.


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