Skull Rogue

Developer: Gneif
Publisher: Drageus Games
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 28/02/2020
Price: £2.69/$2.99
Reviewed By: Chicken Perm
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[ Introduction ]

Another day, another Rogue-Like RPG to hit the Nintendo Switch eShop, this story is starting to get a bit old if you ask me! Skull Rogue takes a stab at making its mark in the never ending genre available on the console, but does it do anything to set itself apart from the countless others?

After I read the game’s description and then played the game, I felt I was a little mislead by the information provided but we will get into it all. There is no plot here, just take control of a skeleton in an endless randomly generated level pitted against other skeletons. Survive to advance and grow stronger, to become an invincible warrior.

skull rogue underground

[ Gameplay ]

The skeleton at the start is pretty pathetic, armed with a sword, helmet and magic bombs. When you defeat enemies, their weapons and helmets will fall to the floor and can be exchanged with yours in order to increase your attack and defense/life bar. The process is a little messy because you have to be standing in just the right random spot to see the power level of what is one the floor and remember if the one you currently have is stronger or weaker. Really it is best to settle with what you have until the end of a room then pick from the lot left on the ground before moving to the next biome. Upon defeating other skeletons, experience points will be earned for leveling up. The points cannot be spent until your run is over, and you are back on the main menu. From there you can spend points to increase your overall life, strength, mana or automatic regeneration rates.

A few other things to note are that bombs can be laid on the ground for a secondary attack that use up your mana bar. There will be jars and barrels in each level that can be broke open that may contain health or mana jars to aid you in battle.

The game is simple enough but there is a SERIOUS down fall when in action that is if you get hit once by an enemy you can pretty much kiss your boney butt and run goodbye. I say this because once you are hit you get frame locked and the enemy will attack again before you can even move away to safety. You are better off breaking all the jars/barrels too because you can get caught on them when walking anywhere near them and that will lead to your doom too. The fact that this happens really ruins the gameplay entirely. If this was fixed, then Skull Rogue would not have any real faults, but unfortunately the one it has is major.

skull rogue sand

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

The graphics are pixelated and nothing special at all. It is kind of lame that you and all the enemies are skeletons. There are not that many different swords or helmets either. A lack of variety is apparent here because there are only six “different” looking biomes as well and they are pretty much just color swaps. Nothing is horrific about the visuals. However, there could have been a lot more effort put into them.

I did not run into any technical issues when playing. Just the gameplay issues with frame lock after being hit or getting stuck on objects.

skull rogue ice

[ Sound ]

Audio is another area that was a letdown and simply bland. There is nothing special or terrible to make a note of here.

skull rogue grass

[ Conclusion ]

In the end, Skull Rogue fails to deliver in any aspect. Not enough variety or effort was put into the game, unfortunately. I would not recommend this title but it is only $2.99 at a regular price so it is like the creators were aware of what they were putting out.
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