Developer: Glass Bottom Games
Publisher: Glass Bottom Games
Platforms: Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 16/09/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

The premise of the game is in the title, you’re a bird that thinks it’s Tony Hawks and will do tricks on a wee bird sized board. You are out to help your Big-Friend who is feeling down with his job to some strange progression in the story involving arson and corporate espionage. But het its got as cute has heck birds.

Let’s be honest, you are here for the birds. Well, my avian loving friend, you are in luck… sort of.


It’s a confused wee bird.

SkateBIRD’s premise if a relaxed take your time, tune the game to how you want it experience. So why was I so frustrated with everything. Yes, you can customise the games setting but relaxing it is not. It takes a more arcade feel to the Skateboarding, like Tony Hawks games. Even down to the balancing mini games. But it is not as refined or enjoyable.

Yeah, you are given tasks to complete before the timer runs out. You are also told the marker on the mini map is where you are to go, to progress the story and if you have to collect items. Well, there is no mini map while playing. However, pause the game and there is a map that will show you where to go. So for the first level, I was flying blind. 

With the game being a relaxed experience, it can be. I, however, found that it was a total rage inducing pain. Let’s talk about physics, or the cute bird physics. As you play as a bird, the physics are completely different from what you will be used to. Everything is VERY floaty, and it is hard to get used to this. As it will put you off landing, grinds, flips everything. Add in a camera that has a mind on its own. It makes some areas with in the level almost impossible to do anything. Prepare to re-fly a lot.

SkateBIRD also suffers from I would say input lag or input missing? When you are trying to do specific tasks, the game seems to not want you to do it. The first level you are asked to do a sort a mid-air jump to collect an item. Even with the game telling me how to do it and me doing it, I had to try the jump a good twenty times before it would recognise the inputs, that or it felt sort for me.

It’s not all bad

There are Birds galores that you can customise the heck out of. From top to bottom there are loads of ways to make that cute bird even cuter. This is the reason you are here, yes? 

Overall, SkateBIRD is not a fun game to play, but the birds are cute. There is still a lot of work that is needed to improve the overall experience. I hope the developers fix them and patch them out. Until then, I cannot recommend SkateBIRD.  


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