Developer: Mass Creation
Publisher: PixelHeart
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 21/01/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Shing! is an old school side scrolling beat’ em up for the modern age.

You play as one of four wise cracking, if not immature, ninja who are tasked to save us all from demons.

There is not much to the story it is somewhat bland and unforgettable. With some crude humor, that will get a chuckle here and there.


Shing! takes the old school beat’ em up to heart with the game literally taking you from left to as far right as the level will go, all the while dispatching waves of enemies who get in your way. Now being a little on the wrong side of 30, this was right up my ally I grew up on these types of games. It’s good to see they are on their way back.

You play as one of four Ninja, that can be freely changed by pressing the d-pad at anytime. Very helpful when one Ninja is going to die and you change for another with full heath. For me, I was expecting a good old button massing experience while pulling off combos, not here! Shing! has attacks mapped to the right stick. To begin with, I was a little lost and got my Ninja ass handed to me more than once. Then suddenly it just clicked, and I was slicing demons in half like a tanto/axe/glave/ninjatō wielding death machine.

The only real downside I had with the game is the levels seemed a little on the long side. Other than that, the game ran well.

Overall Shing! is at its heart and out-and-out classic side scrolling beat em up. With a unique battle system that will take some getting used to but will feel like a real badass.

I would say there is better out there but Shing! Is definitely worth playing if you like old school beat em ups.


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