Developer: Regista
PublisherNippon Ichi software
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 26/10/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Shadow Corridor is one of these games that tries to be scary and fun, however, it misses every single mark by a country mile. I so wanted to like this game, but I just couldn’t.

The story is fairly limited, with a bit of text at the start of each level. This text hints at the next aim. 



This is all that I felt while playing Shadow Corridor. 

When you start Shadow Corridor, you are treated to an ally way that’s a ‘shortcut’ home. It is anything but a shortcut. It does, however, leave a somewhat laborious tutorial. 

After getting to the end of the alleyway, you enter a house that is shrouded I darkness. Here the real game starts. I guess. So our unnamed protagonist has to wander the ever changing halls of this house and try to escape. If you can be bothered.

As wandering, you can collect unique items to help light the way, open doors, or increase stamina. As stamina is an almost pointless asset as it last for a few seconds and feels like a lifetime to replenish. Getting any item that helps regain stamina is a must. There are items that will make you move silently while crouched. As the enemies will chase you until you lose them, if you can. As one touch and the level restarts. 

In the first three levels, I did not even see an enemy. There is an audible bell chiming when an enemy is about. As you wander, you light candles to illuminate a small area. These also act as an early warning sign as they move when something is close. So it was; move in to a room, turn off light I had and wait for the bells to stop. This how the first four levels went for me. 

After that I saw two of the enemies, first was the back of a ball with arms running about and the weeping woman. She will attack when she hears you. There are firecrackers that can distract enemies. However, then things went mental, and I was dying constantly. The difficulty spike can be brutal. 

It does not sound too bad writing it down and if I was told this, I would be excited. However, with how slow and boring movement was and how some levels just dragged, it was more a task than a game.


These are hit and miss. They are not super sharp or detailed. This I do not at all mind. However, when portions of the level seem to disappear, this gets my back up. In the first five minutes, I could see under the floor through walls and this carries on through most of the game.

Overall, Shadow Corridor is not a fun experience and should be avoided.


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