Developer: Complie Heart, Felistella
Publisher: eastasiasoft
Platforms: Switch,
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 12/05/2022
Price: £34.99 £29.74/$39.99 $33.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Well, here we are with another fanservice RPG Seven Pirates H. Hailing from the same minds that brought you Moero Crystal H and Moero Chronicle H. If you. Have played these titles you have an idea of the fanservice you’re in for.

In Seven Pirates H, we join Parute on her journey, locating the lost treasures of the Monsupi Sea as she wants to go down in history. Join Parute and her six other monster Pirates and, of course, the perverted monster boy Otton as they sail the Monsupi Sea. 

The story is very tongue, cheek and boobies throughout this sexy pirate romp. Never too serious, but always perverted.



Seven Pirates H has dropped its classical dungeon crawling RPG of the Moero games. And has instead taken a JRPG design to gameplay. Gone is the first person view and random encounters. Now we have a fully 3D world and enemies on the map. 

This change might not be to everyone’s liking. As the battle system is now simple. Very simple with just selecting your attack and what h-monster you want to attack. The team will gain MP with every normal attack, up to 200. Once they hit 200, they become aroused. When aroused, they unlock their ultimate attack.

Otton also plays a part in the battles by getting him excited. You can use him as a projectile to kill some bosses that otherwise will not die.

On The Open Seas

As you are a pirate, you will spend time on the open seas. As you are traveling around, there will be plenty of events that can be viewed. These can open up more dialog that expands on the lore or starts a fight and so on. There are also plenty of little Islands to explore. This is done by simply getting close and pressing A. If you are lucky, you will gain Boobie Kin’s items and find dungeons.

Bobbie Kins are helpers that the more you find, the more items can be unlocked in shops, side quests and crafting of undies. Each of these are fairly simple. Shops sell items, side quests get you gold and materials and crafting allows to equip and change the undies the Pirates wear.


After enough mindless killing has been done, you will get to level up your Pirates. How you ask? Why, by playing with the boobs, of course, how do you level up? 

Depending on how you interact with the boobs at the level up screen will not only change they way they look but also the stats that improve. For instance, making circles that go outwards will increase the size of the boobs and give a slight boost to attack. It is a fun mini game, but very tame.

It Sags In Places

While playing Seven pirate H, there is nothing ‘bad’ about the game, but it has lost some of the quality of the earlier games. The dungeons are smaller, the battles are simpler. It feels more of a stripped-down version of its predecessors.

My own personal grip is that the voice track is in Japanese, (this I do not have a problem with). My only problem is when out in the world and the characters talk, be that in battle or in the world, I do not know what they are saying would love subtitles for this.

seven pirates h attack

Overall, Seven Pirate H, is a simple pirate romp. With monsters, sailing and boobs. There is not much to the game, but it provides hours of light-hearted mindless entertainment. 

Seven Pirate H is one for the fans. If san service is not for you, then skip it or else this could be a good time waster for you.


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