Developer: KOEX studio
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 20/07/2021
Price£6.99 £5.59/$7.99 $6.39
On sale until 09/08/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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When it comes to religion, I do not shy away from the topic, and my own thoughts and feelings. However, when I get to play a game regarding religion and, more so, a horror title, I feel a calling to review it. 

The story of Seduction A Monk’s Fate revolves around a young monk who was left at the monastery where he now resides. However, he is no ordinary monk; he has a gift with prayer. That can uncover the truth when he uses it. 

Having unusual dreams after being moved to his no room that has laid empty for a decade. He dreams of a woman. After confiding with the Abbott, he disregards his advice and pursues this woman. 

This leads our young monk on a nightmare, horror filled adventure to uncover the truth about the Monasteries past and its current higher ups. 

The story is, for lack of a better phrase, batshit crazy. With the imagery and the general goings on. 

Seduction A Monks Fate game


The monk will need to slowly and methodically work his way through every level to progress. Collecting all the possible clues while thinking logically and most times taking the clues literally. 

While taking your time to find all the clues and solve the mystery, Seduction A Monk’s Fate will turn the game on its head and throw in QTE events. These events are simple to overcome, but the effect it has on the gameplay is tremendous. It adds an extra layer of fear and a constant uncomfortable feeling through the level. 

If you try to progress before you solve a puzzle, you will be killed. If you fail a QTE, you will be killed by a giant blood soaked giant hand. However, the hand is not the only thing that wants you dead. There are plenty of demonic and twisted things that will kill you. 

Level Design

The levels of Seduction A Monks Fate are genuinely unsettling. Not to the point where they are truly scary. They are more twisted and weird that will keep you on edge. Not to mention our Monk will peer between two parallel worlds that both hold dangers at the same time. 

Overall Seduction A Monks Fate is a great if not weird horror puzzle game. That will have most players on the edge of their seats from the few enjoyable hours. With only one real criticism, it’s too short. 

Seduction A Monks Fate is a buy for horror fans. 


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