Developer: Paleontology Soft
Publisher: Fruitbat Factory
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 19/03/2020
Price: £17.99/$19.99
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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[ Introduction ]

Seabed is not your stereotypical Yuri visual novel. They normally fall in 2 categories, the cute, sweet slice of life style or the overly sexualised style. Where Seabed differs is, it revolves around a mystery and what it is like to lose a friend and partner from a strange circumstance.

The story is told through the eyes of three female characters; Sachiko, a designer who hallucinates of her past lover, Takako the former lover who is forgetting the past, and Hibiki a psychotherapist that is researching human memories.

It is a nice change for a Yuri to have a bit of a morbid feel and deal with the negative side of relationships and breakups. There is a lot of happy funny memories. The story is interesting, well-written, and a lot happens once it gets going.

Seabed Takako

[ Gameplay ]

The gameplay is like all Visual Novels read the text, study the pictures and move on. What else is there to do? Seabed shows static transparent text over the whole screen. It does not obscure the picture and is easy to read. The Static pictures will occasionally change depending on the story.


(I could go into all the different characters, their motivations, plot points character development and so on. As this is a story I only want to skim everything as it is the journey that makes and that first time reading it that makes it and I do not want to ruin it for anyone)

Seabed yuri

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

Visually, Seabed is not the best looking title of its genre that I have seen art wise. It is not bad, just has less detail than I have seen in other Visual Novels. There are some decent looking back grounds.

Seabed Sachiko

[ Sound ]

The soundtrack is good here; the music fits the moods really well. It complements what is happening in the story as well.

Seabed Narasaki

[ Conclusion ]

Overall, this is not your typical Yuri Visual Novel, told from three different people’s perspectives and dealing with the breakup of a relationship does not sound like a great read. However, it is with a nice array of characters and some good storytelling. This is a must buy.
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