Developer: Alterego Games
Publisher: StickyLock BV
Platforms: PS4, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 23/03/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

You play as Johnathon Morris, who is traveling to the small town of Greenlake. After his father Hank leaves him a strange messages and letters. Johnathon believes he is mentally unstable. Not long in to the town, a van knocks him off the road. Johnathon (John) finds himself on the run from shadowy figures who are out to get him. From there an adventure unfolds; one that focuses on what his father has been researching, aliens and strange light responsive sentient plants.

I found the story fun and interesting, in a B-move horror sort of way with the writing. It kept me guessing and wondering what will be happening next.

sanity of morris hole

Gameplay is first person adding to the creep factor. There is no combat so John can walk, run, hide and crouch and hope you get away from the things that want to kill you. John has one tool at our disposal that you will be glad you have; a torch. As Sanity of Morris is very dark. Not only will it light the way, it also allows John to access more parts of the levels, by focusing the beam to shine at areas. This will open doors move plants to aid progression.

However, the torch is also John’s greatest worry in the world. As the game takes place predominately in the dark light is also a weakness. As the enemies are very weary and will spot the light if left on too long. I know this is a simple mechanic in a game, but it adds an extra layer of fear as you slowly make your way to finding the truth.

However, Sanity of Morris struggles form some massive apparent flaws. First and most annoy is the controls are clunky at times and this will make up a lot of deaths while playing. There are also some chase sequences and lets just say due to the darkness controls not overly responsive, these are necessarily hard. My one little grip is how weak is John? A little fall about a foot can kill him at times?

Visuals are a mix bag with things being so dark all the time, lots of the environments you visit will feel the same. Then some environments look lovely with some nice animations. With this coming from a small studio, they have done splendid work. Same goes for audio. With the audio, I noticed there were a few instances the audio dropped and it was silent for a few moments.

sanity of morris hide

Even if Sanity of Morris is not the best horror game in the world, with a story that is pretty mental and very B-Movie. The game it’s self with the torch mechanics is both fun and at times scary.

For the price it is a decent game for sure.


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