Developer: EXE-CREATE
Publisher: KEMCO
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, PC, Mobile
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 03/03/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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Here we go again with KEMCO and another RPG. Yes, another one this time from EXE-CREATES this time. How does it stand with the other RPGs KEMCO have published? Let’s find out.

Ruinverse follows our young protagonist Kit, who is more a lover than a fighter who likes plants, helping people and transporting goods and people with magic. With his childhood friend Allie a hunter and the more adventurous type.

The pair set out to explore the nearby caves that dwell not too far from the town. Here they encounter a stone tablet that reacts to Allie and transporting a man’s soul in to her body. Alvyn has no memories of his past and well does not like being in Allie’s body.
Not long after these events the pair meet Lexor, an elf doctor who will help them find out what has happened to Allie and how to reverse it. He does not want paid for his services, he just wants to examine Kit’s bones. This involves lots of weird touching. Noe with the Dr in tow, the pair run in to Toto one of the beast race who is a con artist and Nana a Dwarf who trying to chase down Toto. However, like a mirror image of Kit and Lexor, Nana is really just after touching Toto’s fur. This ends with Kit and Toto complaining about not wanting touched.

Even with the weird, touching going on, Ruinverse is one of the better narrative games KEMCO has released, there is a lot going on and I enjoyed antics the group get up to.

Ruinverse kit

Ruinverse’s gameplay goes it very straightforward, travel between towns and dungeons over the world map. While taking on the enemies that are thrown at you with the random encounters. Battles are on a 3×3 grid and it is basically tanks/hard hitters at front as they get attack boost and lose defence and squishy mages at back, for the defence boost.

Each of the characters has their own skill tree that will involve both magic and physical abilities. The hook for Ruinverse is the two souls in Allie, as in battle you can swap between the two as some enemies are weaker to magic than physical attacks. Allie is a physical attacker, whereas Alvyn is better at magic. But if I am honest, I didn’t see the point of swapping between the two and just threw all my points in to Allie’s physical abilities as she is far better in a fight.

As with most KEMCO games, the battle system has the usual speed ups auto battles, as well as options to increase EXP earned and double damage. I did not see the point in this, but I guess if you only wanted to play for the story? One aspect I liked was the uses of Kit’s love for plants but allowing him to grow status grade plants to give to the team.

One surprise in Ruinverse, however, was there are items that are useable in battle. If you are accustomed to KEMCO games, you will know there are never any items to use in battle here we d. It’s a small leap, but it is a good start.. Please grow from this and make more changes.

Ruinverse kit

Ruinverse is for me a small step in the right direction for KEMCO and RPGs. The story was better than most of their games, and I felt more invested in the game. With a battle stsyem that getting there with useable items. However, you can see the mobile roots with the added options of EXP and damage boosts, and no doubt they be paid for on mobile. Overall much more enjoyable experance.

I would love KEMCO and their partners to make a full console RPG then porting over mobile games, however.


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