Developer: Airship Syndicate
Publisher: Riot Forge
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 16/11/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

In the past month League of Legends have made a push to other platforms with a Netflix show and a JRPG. Airborne Syndrome makes Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. These guys made one of my favorite JRPGs Battle Chasers: Nightwar. But is it any good?

For starters, I have never played League of Legends, but I know about the game. And I know about how the fans of the game love it. So this review comes from someone who does not know these characters.

The story revolves around six of the Champions that unite to stop the Black Mist that plagues Bilgewater. Each one having their own reasons to be there but come together to fight a common enemy.

This is the over arcing story line. But there is a ton more that happens in there and other characters that pop up from the MOBA, to help the story along. The writing is great throughout the game, with the chats the champions have with each other, about the events that happen. I never found myself bored.


A Game Of Champions

Ruined King takes place mainly in Bilgewater. Where you start as Sarah Fortune, who has taken over after she killed the man who killed her mother Gangplank. Soon after this victory, the Black Mist descends and knowing she cannot defeat it alone, she calls upon Illaoi, to help fight back. 

While on her way to help, Illaoi runs in to Braum, who is looking for a cure for a plague that is devastating his homeland. Braum, being the hero he is, does not hesitate to help. Along the way, you will also get to meet and play as Yasuo, Ahri, and Pyke. 

As with the MOBA, each of the champions has their own role and plays differently. Here, within the game, this holds true. Illoai, has great healing abilities, Braum is a tank and so on.

Battle Lanes

Now if you have played Battle Chasers, the battle system in Ruined King is not so different. There are a few tweaks to make it feel and play different, but it still feels similar. You have your Instant abilities; Attack, defend and flee. Using attack builds up Overcharge and does a small amount of damage. We use overcharge as free MP for Lane abilities.

Lane abilities are magic attacks, and these are the main focus in combat. For instance, Braum has an ability called Stand Behind me. This grants a shield that will protect against a set damage value. Now before casting you can if you like change lanes. 

There are three lanes; Speed, Balanced and Power. Speed will cast the ability faster, but it will be weaker. Balanced is the normal speed of casting and damage/healing value. Power has a much longer cast time, but the ability is far stronger. 

The lanes are shown at the bottom of the screen and also act as a timeline for turns. Regardless of what action you take, it will show you where on the timeline you will be after using the attack. 

This is important for one major reason; the Wild Card and the dark mist. Wild will see a random buff or de-buff on the timeline. If any character is with in the Wild Card section when it is activated will be affected by the status change, be it good or bad. The Black Mist will set a poison debuff, that works the same. This adds a strategy to battles.

Level ups, Enchantments And Equipment

As the Champions level up, it will grant them upgrade points or ruin shards. Upgrade points will unlock upgrades for abilities that can change how they function. Ruin Shards will add passive bonuses to the Champion. Each can be switch at anytime to suit your play style or just to change tactics.

While moving through Bilgewater, you will find or buy new equipment that will augment your stats. Like in most JRPG’s equipment can be the difference between life and death. So constantly upgrading to newer, more powerful equipment is a must. There are the usual rarity for equipment, and load of different types. 

We can augment each part of the equipment to add one set bonus to it. From attack increase, poison, defence increase and so on. This become helpful later on in the game. In-order up augment equipment, you will need to find the right ingredients. We found these as you search Bilgewater or as drops from enemies.

Graphics and Audio

The graphics are what caught my eye; as they were the same as Battle Chasers. With the water coloured styled background to the more comic book looking characters. That alone got me hooked.

And the voice acting is fantastic, the different characters and their personas were delivered fantastically by the actors.
Only real downside is that it will put some people off with it being a League of Legends game. Both MOBA and new players, as this is totally different.

Overall, Ruined King: A League of Legend Story is fantastic, even to someone who knows nothing about these characters. The story was interesting and well written, with champions that have reasons to be where they are and not just there. A battle system that is more refined that in the prior game. 

Ruined King is worth checking out. And it won’t break the bank.


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