Developer: OverPowered Team
PublisherFreedom Games
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 14/10/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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On paper, Ruin Raiders should have been a mass hit. A roguelike adventure with a turn based tactical RPG style battle system. It hits two major trends in one. In reality, Ruin Raiders missed the mark.

In Ruin Raiders you lead a small military force on a one-way trip down in to an ancient civilization to discover the secrets it holds.

Like most rougelikes the emphasis is not on the story.



The gameplay loop is simple enough to get to grips with. Explore a procedurally generated dungeon. Have several battles, level up, find treasure, and move to the next dungeon.

Each dungeon comprises the same tiles but rearranged per run and treasure rooms dotted about. With unlockable rooms such as healing and crafting. 


These work a lot like X-COM, where the emphasis is on a cover system and trying to outflank the enemy to get a more reliable line of sight. 

I found the battles to be very simplistic, and for a good few runs boring. As there is no variation to the battles, you do the same thing each time you go in to the dungeons.

Base Upgrades

In order to unlock new weapons and abilities along with crafting is a slog. The upgrades to the base are overly expensive and it takes countless runs to unlock the good stuff. It makes what is a decent game in to a head banging nightmare at times. 

Once crafting is unlocked, then you need to have blueprints, and these buggers, well… My lord they are slow to get. I mean REALLY SLOW!

This, for me, is what brings the game down. The sense of progress is artificially stumped due to amount these upgrades cost. I do not mind a grind, but grinding for grinding’s sake is not fun after a while.

Overall Runi Raiders could have been a decent wee game. It had the layout there. Just a few designs issues that dragged it down. 

Unless Ruin Raiders is on sale, I would not buy it as there are better games out there.


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