Developer: Stegosoft Games
Publisher: DANGEN Entertainment
Platforms: PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, XBox Serise X, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 10/02/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
Review Rush was kindly supplied with a review code.

What do you think of when you’re told a new 16bit era JRPG is going to be released? For me it’s sitting at home on my wee TV playing games like breath of fire or final fantasy. Not a care in the world. So when I had the chance to review Rise of the Third Power, it had to be done. Is it any good? 

The story of Rise of the Third Power is based in the fantasyland of Rin. That is still healing fifteen years after the great war. In this time the new leader of the defeated Arkadyan Empire, Dimiti Noraskov, has made moves to regain the empire’s power back. 

In light of these movements, a resistance has risen up and stop the Arkadyan Empire regaining its power. You play as a ragtag group of ‘heros’ trying to stop this from happening. 

In terms of story, it is ok; it serves its purpose, and keeps the game moving, but it’s nothing that will surprise you. Where the writing shines is by far the character writing. Each character is fantastically written, funny, engaging and their character building is great. 


Classic JRPG

Rise of the Third Power is a classic JRPG with turn based combat that will feel familiar and streamlined. When you have over three party members, you will start by picking your team. This swapping mechanic is vital as with each battle, the characters get exhausted. The higher the exhausting, the lower the stats. 

Each character uses a different way to gain MP and have their own unique attacks. For instance, Rowan is an alcoholic pirate. He can have a drink in a fight that will heal him, but lower his defence, leaning into the drinking theme. He also gets MP from attacking. Each character has their own unique status effect. 

Rise of the Third Power has a ‘slight’ emphasis on teamwork. From having the right mix of characters to maximise damage to leveling up, everything revolves around the team. In battles it is possible to do a combo attack where two-party members can work together to do more damage, add more status effects to enemies and team or heal teammates. The party shares even the level up points. 

Pixel Perfect 

Rise of the Third Power is a beautiful looking pixel-art game. With loads of detail on each level. And it gets even better when in battle with the partial effects added to the attacks. Making each and every attack feel and look different. They are some of the best looking attacks in a 16bit JRPG I have seen for a long time.

Overall, Rise of the Third Power hits all the right notes even with the weak story. With a great cast of characters l, even if they are slightly weird. And some amazing looking graphics. 

Rise of the Thrid Power is a definite must buy for all those who dream of the golden era of video games, and any fan of JRPGs.  


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