Developer: Makee
Publisher: Forever Entertainment
Platforms: Switch, Pc
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 13/05/2021
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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In Rise Eterna, you play as soldier Natheal, a bandit that wanders the land, not going involved in the ransacking of villages he just wants to be alone. Once an elite soldier of his nation he still holds some former values. One particular raid his group does not return for hours, he deiced to investigate what has happened. It is here he meets Lua among the death and destruction of the village. Natheal takes her to the capital Gaiacus to meet someone who can help her.

Along the way Natheal and Lua will meet a cast of other warriors who will join them in their fight, for their own reasons. Each will play a major part in the upcoming battles.

The story is serviceable to carry the plot forward but do not expect something that will blow you away. 


Rise Eterna takes a grid based turn-based RPG style of battle. Where you can have up to six party members on the field at anyone time. As Rise Eterna is turn-based, only one character will move at one time. Each member will have their own movement range depending on their class and their own attack range. For instance, Solthy the archer can attack over three squares there, as Natheal is one square. One thing I noticed right away was that enemies will not move until you are with in a curtain range. This will, if you plan correctly, work out well for your party. There is not much to do when attacking select attack or item. The simplicity it a welcome change. When you engaging in a fight, the screen will switch to show the action, like in Advanced Wars. 

Each character can hold different items that can be used on their turn from healing items to bombs. These items can be game changers in later battles. Also, if next to another party member items can be swapped. It is also possible to swap places with a teammate, to begin with seems pointless, but it has its uses.

After each battle the characters get a point to spend on abilities, these range from, class specific to general buff abilities. This lower the need for grinding away at balltes to level up your charaters. But also takes away the feeling of getting over powered due to grinding.

As the group traverse the battle field there will be boxes to open and resource points to collect that can grant items for use or gems to augment your characters. The gem system is simple to use, just equip it to the desired party and off you go. The gems have both positive and negative effects. For instance, increase defence but lower attack. The better the gem quality the better the aguments.

Overall Rise Eterna is a simple turn-based RPG that is perfect for newcomers and veterans to get in to. The battles are fun while being very simple. With a great cast of characters, as long as you are not expecting a great story you will have fun.

I would definitely recommend Rise Eterna for a newcomer to turn based RPG’s, if you are used to these types of games I would wait for a sale, as there is nothing new here, but it is fun none the less.


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