Developer: 40 Giants Entertainment
Publisher1C Publishing EU
Platforms: PS4, Switch, Xbox One, PC
Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Release Date: 25/01/2022
Reviewed By: Keith Lavelle
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There is something g to be said about devs that make a game that is no frills but is still for the most part fun with very few flaws. Good thing one of these rare games is here with Reverie Knights Tactics. 

In Reverie Knights Tactics, the story revolves around Aurora, who is a scholar from Malpetrim. One day she is summoned to Helladarion’s office, who is a golem with a suspiciously looking head like a goldfish bowl (was hoping there was a fish in there alas, not). To tell Aurora that the diplomatic mission, her father was on failed. He was at the eleven city of Leorienn and he is now missing! 

Aurora drafted to find him on a solo mission so as not to raise suspicion. Setting off to find her father, she set sail with a crew that is used to sailing to the elven land. Her first task is to patrol the nearby forest area for any dangerous creatures that may attack the camp. Before she sets off, her best friend is brought to camp as a stowaway, as she wants to protect her friend. Together, they set off to protect the camp. Afterward, off they go to find Aurora’s dad,only to find Hobgoblins have overrun the land. 

The story is nothing new and there is nothing that anyone who has played a fantasy game will know the story. It’s not a dreadful story, just not outstanding. Like the entire game, what it does, and does it well enough. 



Reverie Knights Tactics is split into two halves. Firstly, a visual novel style section that expands the story and a morality system in play. And X-Com styled battles. 

Visual Novel

This is where Reverie Knights Tactics shines; Yes, I know what I said. The story is not amazing. Just bear with me. For these sections, it is not the story that shines but the characters’ interactions with each other. These interactions are well crafted and show how each of the characters evolves as the story progresses

Each of the cast having distinct yet lovable personalities. Brigandine looks at all the minor details and constantly eats as many sweets and is the comic relief. Fern is an elven who is hired to guide Aurora to her destination. In the beginning he is angry but over time learns to let go of that hate. And Hellaron, with him being the head of Aurora’s Temple, he can overrule her if he likes, but never does instead act more of a mentor role, allowing Aurora to see things through. 

As for how Aurora acts, this is down to the simple morality choices you will be making. With Order or Chaos. Order choices mean Aurora makes choices of strategies and logic, whereas Chaotic makes her impulsive and wants to prove herself. The choices will also affect the story in major events as well as decide what skills will be unlocked. 

Let’s Fight

Like the overarching story, the battle system is simple but works well. There are a few kinks to work out, however. Each battle will see our party battle the goblin’s in turn-based tactical grid based combat. With a set of optional objectives, what will earn extra EXP and cogni Reverie Knights Tactics currency. If these sub objectives have not been met, it is possible to restart each battle and try again. As they cannot be revisited once the player moves on. 

Each character can take in three abilities into a fight and a standard attack, with each ability making them play differently. On each character’s turn, they have two AP that can be used by either; move and attack, move and move or pull off a powerful attack by losing out on movement. This adds a bit of strategy, but basically it is by the numbers turn based affair, played one you can play these.

The battle system is where the game falls down a little, as for most of the 10/12 hour gameplay, the fights are the same. I found a strategy that works in one fight and stuck with the same strategy for most of the game after that. This took all the skill out of the game and battles got very samey. 
Hopefully, the devs can expand on the battle system by adding more skills, different areas to fight in. More objectives to finish battles. And just make it better. Now it’s not a battle that bad, just needs some improvements to make it standout. 

Damn It’s Sexy

Reverie Knights Tactics is bloody stunning, with its comic book cell shaded art style, each character and back drop just pop off the screen. The colours are bright and eye-catching. With some fun and none too serious animations. 

The only issue I feel is that there are too few backdrops. While in a different biome, the area changes, but basically the same backdrop for the entire area. But again, it’s a beautiful game. 

Overall, Reverie Knights Tactics is a great foundation to grow from in terms of the battles. Again, they are not inherently bad, just need more everything to make them better. However, the characters and the art style are fantastic and worth playing for. 

I would definitely recommend Reverie Knights Tactics if you are OK with a simple battle system. If you’re looking for more tactical choice, then you won’t find it here. 


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