Developer: Pixelatto
Publisher: Pixelatto
Platforms: Switch, PC
Reviewed On: Switch
Release Date: 08/10/2019
Price: £7.99/$9.99
Review By: Chicken_Prem
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[ Introduction ]

Reventure reminds me of a classic Bill Murray movie called “Ground Hog’s Day”. Much like how Mr Murray’s character relives the same day over and over. In fact, there is a whole genre of games that has taken the Nintendo Switch by storm. You know the type of game that you start and fail immediately and restart to progress only slightly further. Well, this title is just like that except with a bit of a comedic twist as the point is to find all the possible ways to fail.

Hold on to your hats everyone because this plot runs deep. Jeezus is an 8-bit Link-Look-Alike that is tasked with saving the kidnapped Princess as requested by the king. The King. That is all.

reventure house

[ Gameplay ]

Once Jeezus receives his mission, it is really up to the player on what to do next. Travel either left or right of your house and along the way are a treasure chest that holds weapons and items. Some of the first few chests hold a sword, shield, shovel and hook shot. Be careful though because the more items you collect, the more weight is added to Jeezus. The more items you have, the lower your jump is which will hinder where you can and cannot travel, carry too much and your hero will be crushed to death achieving one of many possible ways to die. Every type of death has its own short cut scene animation and alters Jeezus’ appearance when he wakes up refreshed for his next try to save the Princess. Every time you die, you lose all your items, and the game is really more about finding all the way the hero can die over completing your quest.

The controls are straightforward B/A jump and Y/X uses your inventory items. If you are carrying multiple items, then the game does a good job of using the appropriate item given your location. For example, let us say you have the sword and shovel and are standing on loose soil after you press the Y/X button Jeezus will dig. So no need to equip or change out each item to use them.

Personally, I found the game to get stale rather fast because if you want to travel past the king (to the right) then you must have the sword and the sword is located to the left of your house. So every time you start a new run and want to explore the right portion of the world you have to go left, get the sword, then go back right past the king to lower the drawbridge. The repetitiveness of the beginning did not work in the game’s favour to me and made me wish it would have at least followed like other games and at least had you start with the sword and not have a factor on your weight.

[ Visual and Perfomance ]

The world utilizes a wide range of surroundings from screen to screen along with a lively colour palette. Graphics are 8-bit and not very detailed, but the vividness of the environments makes it visually pleasing to look at. There were no technical issues or glitches when I played.

reventure gallery

[ Sound ]

The background music is suitable for the adventure Jeezus is on. You will not hear anything remarkable or something that can hold a light to Zelda, but that is perfectly fine. There is no voice acting and not really expected in a title like this. The sound effects were done rather well.

reventure ending

[ Conclusion ]

Overall, Reventure does a fairly decent job at creating a small Zelda-like adventure with a multitude of possible endings. However, for me, it became very monotonous before I could get ten restarts in. The originality of the gameplay is appreciated, but perhaps it is not just precisely my cup of tea. If you play the game wanting to unlock all the potential endings, then you will enjoy the game. I had more interest in actually trying to save the Princess, so it sort of fell flat for me. There are many references to other video games and quality comic relief. Since the game does not take itself too seriously, Reventure it at least worth being added at to your Nintendo Switch Eshop wishlist for a sale.